A Word From Our President

Many people are familiar with the term, but not with what it means. Ironically, we use the technology without even knowing it. Google, Netflix, Facebook and Twitter are all examples of Cloud-hosted services.  Simply put, Cloud Technology is a service that uses the Internet to connect clients to platforms and applications – on any computer, and any device from anywhere.

Having worked in telecommunications since 1977, I can say that phone systems have evolved since then. In the past, services were run on premise-based equipment, which is usually expensive, cumbersome and required many personnel and a fleet of trucks to install and maintain for customers. My company installed thousands of such systems. Then Cloud-hosted services were created– which eliminated the burden of managing hardware, on-site upgrades and obsolescence through opening the possibility of delivering phone systems via software.

Overnight, here came a new innovation that could put me out of the trade.  It was obvious that Cloud Technology was the future, but I felt attached to what I already knew. Until I remembered why I entered the telecom industry in the first place – to create a level playing field where small to mid-size businesses could affordably communicate with the same sophistication as a large scale enterprise.

I realized that the Cloud would be the perfect tool to help me further my ambitions in addition to the services I was already providing. So, in 2005 I founded UniVoIP.  We help companies of all sizes, worldwide, by providing Hosted Platform phone systems, unifying communications and consolidating network infrastructure. Modernizing operations and making it so they have an all-inclusive phone solution with mobility, strong return on investment, and a fixed operating cost, including all future upgrades and changes.

Nine years down the road, I’ve learned that Cloud communications is not a trend, but the present-future of how companies will sustain a communicative edge. The Cloud is here to stay, and shall continue to lift businesses and the people it serves to unforeseen horizons. I take great pride in participating in this era – An era when technology has finally caught up with imagination.

Asghar Ghassemy | CEO