3 Ingredients for Enterprise Mobility – How Companies Can Power Collaboration and Communications On-The-Go

Fueling Seamless Business Communications Whether in The Office, At Home or On-The-Go

Current enterprise mobility trends highlight the sustained evolution towards mobile workforce environments and empowering employee productivity from anywhere. In today’s world, it is vital for companies to equip their employees with advanced communication technology that promotes collaboration and efficiency on all devices and ensures customers are met with a superior customer service experience.

According to The Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, 61% of workers reported working outside the office at least part of the time.*

Below, we explain the top 3 ingredients needed to transform an enterprise into a mobile workforce.


Power Mobile Devices with MiCollab

With a mobile optimized collaboration suite called MiCollab, employees stay productive on-the-go with a mirrored business communications experience across any device.

MiCollab’s hot collaboration capabilities:

  • Send a colleague a message via chat
  • send files to a colleague on any device
  • initiate a call through voice or video
  • Start a scheduled or impromptu conference call

NOTE: MiCollab can be obtained through OfficeConnect™, a cloud-based telecommunication solution designed for enterprises. 


Create a Collaborative Mobile Workspace for Teams

An extension of the MiCollab application is Miteam, a workstream communications and mobile collaboration tool that organizes ideas, action items and documents in one location for better team management.

Analytics show 3+ devices are used daily by employees for work related activities.**

How MiTeam makes your team more productive: 

  • Set up team Streams – seamlessly synchronize everything relevant to a team with Streams and keep everyone connected at all times
  • Real-time management – provide real-time commenting and annotations and sign/approve documents that all team members can view from any device
  • Organize and mobilize teams – easily organize teams by assigning project tasks, checking on progress and/or starting meetings across the office or the globe
  • Employee presence on any device – MiCollab, featuring MiTeam is a mobile first design and a single, unified experience available on PC, MAC and smartphones.


Elite Customer Service with a Multimedia Contact Center

44% of smartphone users shop online and 8 trillion text messages are sent every day.** 

Mobile optimized customer service tools and a multimedia contact center are necessary in today’s customer service world.

Customers GO Mobile – Customers choose how they connect with companies – SMS, email, chat, and call from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Agents STAY Productive – Contact center agents and supervisors are empowered with quality management through agent monitoring, real-time and historical reporting and comprehensive analytics.




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