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3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Need a Trip Into The Cloud

Nonprofits are Heading into the Cloud and This is Why Yours Should Too

1. Engaging donors. By unifying communications in the cloud and expanding outreach with a more reliable and efficient communication system, nonprofit organizations will realize progress more rapidly. No matter where volunteers and staff are located, as long as there is internet connection, the system can be utilized. This makes every moment an opportunity to gain more support and increase fundraising. No time is wasted, no time is lost, and no supporter is forgotten.

2. A “green” solution that promotes sustainability. One of the goals for any nonprofit organization is to promote sustainability and operate their business in the most environmentally friendly manner. Unified communications allows organizations to improve their workflows as well as increase collaboration, while also promoting a healthier and more sustainable environment. A nonprofit’s ability to leverage an advanced communication system that takes the organization’s connectivity with the community, donors and staff to a whole new level while also advocating for the “green movement”, is the fastest growing trend in the industry.

3. A reliable service to keep operations smooth. What if there is an unplanned event such as a power outage, a natural disaster or even a day to day issue? When disaster strikes, it’s crucial an organization can keep its lines of communications open. Things go wrong at the most unexpected times. Whether the power goes out, services go down and/or a natural disaster strikes without any notice, when communications are stored on the cloud, the impact is far less harmful. In most cases, staff members can continue to either work from an emergency office or from home as if they were still at the office. This is the kind of functionality, reliability and survivability that makes an organization.

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