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3 Reasons Why The Cloud Improves Patient Experience at Medical Offices

Cloud PBX, Healthcare Solutions
Cloud PBX, Healthcare Solutions

The Benefits for Patients of Placing Communications in The Cloud at Medical Practices are Unlimited

PATIENTS GET YOUR FULL ATTENTION.  With UniVoIP’s appointment reminder application, your office can now run smoothly with minimal delays ensuring that your patients don’t have to suffer from long waiting time periods, but instead, have enough time to tell their stories without interruptions during consultations. In addition, the length of the healthcare visit will increase as their office will be more efficient.

EASIER FOR PATIENTS TO REACH YOU. Establish one central point of entry for all of your call to any of your office location and connect calls between offices.  You may route calls efficiently amongst offices while your patient does not need to know your schedule and whereabouts in order to reach you.  Also, with the virtual receptionist and auto-attendant, patients will be directed to the appropriate department without being put on hold.


  1. Communication between physician, staff and patients is highly improved as your staff’s efforts are focused on the patients instead of the managing a high-call volume and re-routing calls to the appropriate offices or departments.
  2. Appointment reminder application will send out a text, email or place a call on behalf of your office to remind your patients that they are due for a yearly check-up or their lab results have come in. The same software can also send out a text as instructions follow up that were previously provided by your staff.
  3. Unifying email, text, voice and all of your communication channels will give your patients the opportunity to share thoughts, concerns via those different means improving their overall patient experience with your office staff.
  4. Patients will receive lab or test results much quicker reducing their anxiety level and waiting time.
  5. Patients getting Newsletter from the medical offices, with some important information around flu shot, offices updates, insurance coverage update… etc..
  6. Possibility to to send Patient Survey, allowing Patients to voice their feedback and improve the practice.

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