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3 VoIP Features That Make Your Business A Mobile Workforce

Businesses Are Going Mobile. Here Is How To Embrace It.


The idea of distance and “work space” is continuously evolving in the business environment. The amount of telecommuters working in the professional world from home are increasing daily, and businesses are expanding, adding locations and adding employees rapidly. It’s vital that in such a transitional business environment, companies are adopting a communication solution that is empowering employee productivity no matter where they are located. The new age of working remotely is here and it’s vital that companies adapt quickly.

Take a look at 3 features that businesses are leveraging to empower a mobile workforce.

1. Mobile Twinning allows users to have all calls to their extension ring simultaneously on an external phone such as their cell phone. Once a callhas been answered on the external phone, the users have the ability to continue the call using their desktop handset without having totransfer the call to the handset.

2. Multi-Desking allows you to be logged into as many as three phones simultaneously with the same extension. All phones will ring when theextension is dialed and you can make and receive calls on any of the phones.

3. Hot Desking is when a user logs in to any phone on the system, their custom phone settings are applied to that phone.

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