3 Ways to Streamline Your Operations While Protecting Your Bottom Line

Contact Center – Streamline Your OperationsVirtual MiContact Center

SEE THE COMPLETE PICTURE. Enterprise-wide historical and real-time reporting and monitoring lets you see the big picture and the call-by-call performance of each agent. Real-time reporting allows you to respond instantly to changing traffic volumes and ensure service levels are maintained. With historical reporting you can measure and demonstrate contact center performance against service level objectives, review a play-by-play account of contact center events, and identify ways to improve business processes.

MANAGE YOUR WORKFORCE. MiContact Center provides you with sophisticated workforce management, agent forecasting, and scheduling tools that allow managers to accurately match resources to expected contact volumes as well as measure, manage, and drive contact center performance – all of which are key to controlling your contact center costs.

LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE MiContact Center solutions reduce the cost and complexity of deployment by leveraging your existing infrastructure. Integrations are available with market leading third-party solutions, including: customer relationship management, workforce management, quality monitoring, call recording, outbound dialing, and presence and chat engines. This provides an immediate return on investment that is measurable, sustainable, and future proof.

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