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8 Benefits of Single Tenant Architecture for Business Cloud Communication Customers

Business Phone Systems
Business Phone Systems

UniVoIP Deploys Single Tenant Architecture for Enterprises Seeking Further Security, Isolation and Reliability in with a Cloud-Based Phone Solution

Generic Description: Single tenant (or hosted) Software as a Service (SaaS) is a form of cloud architecture where each customer has their own instance of the software application and supporting infrastructure including their own independent database.

Benefits for Cloud Customers:

  1. Dedicated infrastructure effective critical data isolation between customers
  2. Built in security to prevent, discourage and ward off cyber attacks
  3. Simple backup and restore of database as each user’s backup is done separately
  4. Flexible architecture permitting user modification and customization based on preferences
  5. Increased privacy as all applications belonging to a user are housed in designated instance
  6. User control over upgrades can be performed at user’s discretion
  7. Allowable integration with premise based software or homegrown applications
  8. Roll out and support performed on an ongoing basis for individual users


Leveraging Single Tenancy with UniVoIP’sĀ Enterprise Solution to Better Meet Your Needs

Single tenancy customers experience an on-demand architecture that is readily adaptable to fit the unique needs of particular business processes. UniVoIP delivers large-scale capabilities and ever-growing capacity to adapt to the continuously changing performance demands of medium to large enterprises. With a dedicated environment, UniVoIP provides customers with more flexibility and greater control over upgrades, maintenance and user options. Companies enjoy ease of deployment, seamless scalability and user-friendly architecture designed to serve enterprise needs on an individual level.