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A Solution To Manage High Call Volume – Fundraising

Nonprofit Solutions
Nonprofit Solutions

A Powerful Solution to Manage High Call Volume For a Large Fundraising Event

UniVoIP joined CBS2, KCAL9, CBSLA & American Red Cross for A Hurricane Relief Telethon and showed just how powerful and efficient VoIP telecommunications really is. In less than a day, a call center was set up with advanced VoIP phones and a fully operational phone service that handled over 5000 calls. Celebrities and Red Cross Volunteers answered calls and processed donations all day long and with no issues. It was a huge success and an exciting step for VoIP telecommunications and non-profit organizations.

UniVoIP will provide the phones, the advanced technology and the power to operate a fully functional and efficient telethon. Whether your event is to raise money for a charity, a worthy cause or a political candidate, a successful fundraising event can make the world of a difference for your organization.

Let your volunteers focus on the mission at hand and let us worry about connecting those volunteers to thousands of callers ready and willing to contribute to your cause. Whether your event lasts a few hours or a day or two, you can rest assured your fundraising event will be a success.

Do you have a large event coming up that needs to manage high call volume? Find out how you can make that event even more successful than you had anticipated.