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Avoid The Hassle of The Traditional Nonprofit RFP Process

UniVoIP Offers Advanced Telecommunications Technology to Nonprofits With Our NJPA Certification

We know that nonprofit organizations are generally required to open an RFP with multiple providers when choosing a new communications platform. We also know the bidding process can be long and expensive. But there’s a way to bypass the traditional RFP route and get a unified messaging system faster without skirting any regulatory requirements.

How? With the help of the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). NJPA provides national contract volume pricing from nationally acclaimed vendors. As a partner with Mitel in NJPA, we are an exclusive provider of telecommunication solutions. Our status allows nonprofit organizations that must abide by legal and budgetary requirements to find the right unified messaging solution for their operations, without sacrificing quality and performance.

NJPA’s exclusive vendor contract with Mitel means that the qualified organizations have access to our advanced technological solutions, without having to go through the traditional RFP process. The NJPA contract ensures competitive pricing that doesn’t jeopardize the tight budgets these groups operate within.

Learn more: For a limited time UniVoIP is donating advanced VoIP phones and offer zero cost installation options to qualified nonprofit organizations*.