The Benefits of Geo Redundant Data Centers for Cloud Customers

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Learn the benefits of leveraging a cloud-based phone service provider with geo redundant data centers.


High Availability

Fault tolerant system that provides day-to-day continuity under normal conditions.

  • Guarantees 99.99% up time
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Provides fail over insurance when primary server is down
  • Mitigates maximum bearable downtime during disruption
  • Improves recovery time after disruption to ensure business continuity

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery steps in when High Availability fails and allows an organization to maintain or resume mission-critical functions.

  • Allows business continuity in the wake of disruption such as an office power outage
  • Provides efficient re-routing of service to a functional data center
  • Initiates business continuity plans, strategies and protocols already in place
  • Offers a structured approach to unplanned incidents that impact IT infrastructure
  • Empowers security with risk assessments that identify potential threats

User Latency

Data centers located near the end user reduces the delay before a transfer of data begins follow the instruction for its transfer.

  • Improves data center response time for the end user
  • Allows for more requests to happen concurrently
  • Reduces the amount of round trips data traffic takes
  • Decreases the distance between round trips from server to user
  • Helps protect call quality