Beyond the Smart Phone

Smartwatches are slated to be the next major tech trend, in more ways than one. For over a decade, companies like Apple, Sony and Samsung have been blending technology with fashion in league with mobile phone services. Now, with the rising popularity of the smartwatch – analysts are forecasting that the trend will generate seventeen million dollars in revenue  in 2014 alone. Just in the last quarter of 2013, 1.6 million sales in smartwatches and fitness bands were made.  These devices will not only shape fashion, but the future of mobile work – converting the cubicle into a stylish wrist watch.

Texting, Phone Calls, Voice Recognition, Mobile Apps, Internet and Games are all luxuries users are accustomed to on their cell phones. But with smartwatches, the technology has become even more convenient and portable. Instead of having to take out your phone, it’s now just a flick of the wrist.  The conversion of cell phone to wrist watch allows devices to always be on the user’s person (with the exceptions of showers,  no doubt engineers are working to make them waterproof).

For now, technology brands continue to duke it out to be the juggernaut in the market. The largest segment of popularity is with fitness enthusiasts, while medical and wellness users continue to grow. Multiple brands are entering the fray, not just in terms of production, but to be the numero uno operating system. Google’s  Android OS was most recently shunned by Samsung after receiving lackluster reviews of their Galaxy Gear . Though, as companies and employees continue embracing telecommuting as a method to boost productivity while saving money, devices like smartwatches will make working remotely and collaboration  easier than ever.

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