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Choosing a Reliable Service Provider for a Nonprofit Organization

A Service Level Agreement Gives Nonprofits Peace of Mind

Nonprofit organizations have much more to worry about than whether or not they are choosing a reliable and resilient service provider to empower their foundation. Which is why, it is vital that nonprofits choose a provider that upon setting up service, provides the organization with a service-level agreement (SLA).

A service-level agreement is part of a service contract where the service is formally defined. Particular aspects of the service, including but not limited to scope, quality, and responsibilities, are clearly explained and agreed upon between the service provider and the service user. One of the most common features of a service-level agreement is a contracted delivery time in which the time of service or performance is agreed upon in advance.

It is crucial that nonprofit organizations choose a service provider that does not skip this valuable document during implementation of the service. This not only protects the organization from initiating service with a provider that does clearly identify expectations of the performance, but also guarantees that the organization is choosing a reliable, safe and resilient solution.

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