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Learn the Benefits of a Closed Source Platform

The Benefits of Closed Source Software for Medium to Large Enterprises



Closed source software is built with the end-users in mind so the technology is simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge unlike open source. Closed source software is often the preferred choice for companies because of this simple fact and because employees can easily adapt to the technology without extensive training or a steep learning curve.

Advanced Security

Many companies understand the value that closed-source brings to enterprise security as it is far more reliable and secure than open source coding. As closed-source software is just that – closed – it cannot be altered or tampered with, therefore, is far less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Extended Support

With closed source, companies never have to worry about fixing components on their own when something goes wrong. Once a problem is found and it is established that the problem lies in the vendor’s code, the vendor is fully obligated to remedy the bug. It is as simple as filing a ticket and waiting for the resolution.