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Cloud-based Models Offer a Compelling Delivery Mechanism for Communications

The Business Case for Cloud-Based Communications

One of the key factors for business success today is the flow of knowledge among employees, customers and business partners. Enterprises must be able to quickly transfer information, whether by voice, email, instant messaging, over the Web or through some other electronic medium.

Cloud-based models offer a compelling delivery mechanism for communications. IT decision makers should explore how their organizations can leverage communications in the cloud to help improve the business overall, while analyzing the return on investment possible with cloud-based communications solutions.phone-plus-internet

By demonstrating how cloud-based communications can potentially reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs while increasing business agility, CIOs can win over senior business executives to the idea of the cloud as a delivery model for communications.

In the past, multiple vendors were required to deliver business phone services: the phone provider, the maintenance company, the-long-distance provider, the local phone lines provider, and the Internet service provider – Just to name a few.  Further, the services were run on expensive and cumbersome premise-based equipment that was doomed for obsolescence.

UniVoIP has eliminated the need for dealing with multiple vendors and overseeing hardware by placing it in the Cloud. Users can access all of their communication services without having to administer any hardware. Allowing them to manage and make phone calls anywhere, anytime on any device.

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