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Communications to the Cloud: Cloud Benefits

Cloud Computing Benefits

As people, technology and financial decisions are driving a move to cloud computing, the anticipated benefits are many.

Cloud-Based Communications
The Cloud
  • Reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, made possible by cloud approaches that include multitenancy — in which a single software instance serves multiple client organizations — and multi-instance — in which every customer gets its own software instance; both approaches allow resources and costs to be shared across a large pool of customers.
  • Greater business agility enabled by the increased scalability of IT infrastructure and the ability to provision technology resources on demand, as needed
  • The ability to provide workers with access to systems and applications regardless of their location or type of device they are using
  • Improved disaster recovery and business continuity, through the use of multiple, redundant sites offered by cloud services providers
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    Cloud Models: Public & Private Cloud

    The cloud is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Companies can choose from several types of services, including public, private and hybrid clouds.