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How Mobile Twinning Can Benefit You

Out of the office and missed an important phone call?

Many of us have work obligations that require us to be away from our desks, such as off-site meetings with customers, vendors, suppliers, and other business contacts.  Mobile twinning results in higher levels of productivity and customer service while cutting down on the seemingly inevitable “telephone tag” we play when trying to get in contact with one another.

What is mobile twinning?

UniVoIP VoIP OfficeConnect lets you  “twin” your desk phone to another internal or external phone (your cell phone, for example). Calls arriving at your desk phone will ring your cell phone simultaneously, allowing you to answer either device and enabling you to work from home, at your office or on-the-go with a consistent business communication experience. With this kind of flexibility, it’s like having your office phone next to you at all times, but you can also turn it off when your “day at the office” is over.  In most cases, if a call to your office phone is not answered, twinning can be set up so that either the internal office phone system retains control of the call —forwarding it to another extension or sending it to office voice mail—or the call can be answered by the user’s mobile device and a voice mail can be left on that equipment.

UniVoIP’s User Web Interface

The User Web Interface allows you to customize your User Profile, including:

  • setting your passcode
  • enabling/disabling Mobile Twinning
  • setting your Twinning number
  • setting language preferences

That’s just one of the many advantages of a VoIP system. Learn more: https://univoip.com/enterprise-cloud-phone-systems