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How Nonprofits Can Integrate Their Phone Calls With a Fundraising Solution

Nonprofit Solutions
Nonprofit Solutions

Your Nonprofit Can Integrate and Optimize Productivity with a Strong Telecommunication Foundation


Integrate phone calls with your favorite fundraising and relationship management solution. When a call comes in the software will try to match the phone number and pull up that record in your software of choice. Always know who is calling and get a complete record of previous communications, events and activities. Stay connected and know who your returning donors, special members and sponsors are when they call. Direct and answer the call accordingly adding a touch of personalization to your call handling. Want to make a phone call? No problem most applications support click-and-dial directly from in the application.

How UniVoIP Can Help Your Nonprofit: 

As a technology leader for nonprofits, UniVoIP’s foundation starts with the understanding that organizations need a service provider that is built to meet their specific needs. UniVoIP is dedicated to making your business our business and allowing full integration with your existing communications applications.

UniVoIP’s application integration can deliver on the promise of unified communications by tying your organizational communications into core business processes. CRM, fundraising platforms, and donor tracking systems are the repository and management instruments for your organization information; application integration serves as a force multiplier by weaving call history, donor account information, including donation trends that release their true productivity and analytic potential.

These innovative solutions help to increase staff and volunteer productivity, shorten response time, encourage collaboration, and improve the overall community satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and healthier nonprofit organization as well as increasing the return on investment of both the communications platform and your existing applications. Read about our nonprofit organizations which successfully integrated.

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