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SUCCESS STORY SERIES: MPIO INCORPORATION – How One Company Saved 50% in Monthly Communication Expenses

WELCOME! This blog post is part of our “Success Story Series” in which we provide you with real-life examples of how companies and organizations around the country achieve improved productivity, increased ROI and elite-class business communications.

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MPIO Incorporation provides a variety of services including supply chain management, warehouse fullfilmment services, commercial finance consulting and marketing. The company provides value added Supply Chain Solutions to major electronic super stores, mass merchants, mail order companies, e-tailers and computer industry. MPIO has a history of consistent growth through successful transformations and strengthening of the management for its clients.

Switching to VoIP to Benefit the Company 

Originally with NEC, MPIO realized the increased financial benefit of moving to a VoIP business communication system. With the upfront and ongoing savings potential of switching to a VoIP provider, MPIO decided it was the right fit for their company.

What Were the Benefits of Switching to VoIP?

From day one, UniVoIP provided MPIO with greater voice messaging accessability and efficiency, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), immediate and long-term hard cost savings, reduced telecom administrator moves, adds and changes as well as simplified management. The flexibility of switching to the cloud has enabled greater component selection and real-world user productivity benefits.

Why Did They Choose UniVoIP? 

“MPIO was looking for a VoIP provider that would successfully meet their telephony needs and offer them a flexible and mobile telecom solution. “UniVoIP has been able to save MPIO about $200 per month which is about 50% savings as well as ongoing management costs” – Jade Kim, Operations Manager at MPIO

With UniVoIP’s multi-desking feature, MPIO users can be logged in to as many as 3 phones simultaneously with the same extension and move throughout the office with ease. Additionally, UniVoIP’s email integration of voicemail feature is attractive to MPIO members as voicemails can now be forwarded to a user’s email account and make customer communications more efficient.