How One Nonprofit Made the Big Step to Advanced Technology

SUCCESS STORY SERIES: International Institute of Akron: How IIA Moved on From a 20 Year Old Phone System

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SUCCESS STORY: The International Institute of Akron and UniVoIP


UniVoIP Helps The International Institute of Akron Move On From a 20 Year Old Traditional Phone System Transitioning Immigrants into American Society

The International Institute of Akron’s (IIA) mission is to contribute to the well-being of their community by creating and implementing programs and services that assist those born outside the United States to integrate into American society. They work to promote public awareness of the value of ethnic diversity and to encourage international communication.

A Scalable Solution Comes to The Rescue

For 20 years, IIA had a legacy phone system, with very few features, on-going expenses and a system that limited the number of users to fewer than the amount of workers in the office. A cloud-based upgrade was necessary to support growth. After taking a look at UniVoIP’s advanced features supported by scalability and lifetime upgrades, it was clear they could simplify and optimize their business workflows.

Empowering Each Staff Member From Day One

With any nonprofit organization comes great societal and cultural responsibility. It was the mission of UniVoIP’s consultant to put the organization on the right path and provide them with a system that would empower IIA to continue to change their community for the better. From day one, the staff had access to every feature the phone system offered and were given the necessary training to get their organization accustomed to the feature-rich cloud solution. UniVoIP’s cloud technology and it’s advanced features, have empowered IIA to enhance efficiency and productivity of their staff from the beginning of implementation.

“The UniVoIP consultant was very helpful from the beginning. He explained all of the features and the value of having a system we weren’t familiar with. We knew what we were getting up-front. There were no hidden fees or surprises and our monthly invoices have been predictable and consistent.” – Elaine Woloshyn, IIA

VoIP Features That Support a Growing Nonprofit Organization

IIA is an ever growing nonprofit organization and now they are operating with an elite class telecommunications system that can grow with them. As many organizations have “mobile workers”, IIA is no different. The organization utilizes the “mobile twinning” feature, which allows a user to designate a separate device to ring simultaneously with their desk phone so that they never miss an important call from a donor. Additionally, the users at IIA are often working with the community and when they aren’t available, an auto-attendant is there to direct calls to the proper extension – keeping a strong relationship with donors. While it’s not always easy to be available at all times, IIA takes advantage of the voice mail to e-mail transcription feature so that when it’s time to return calls, the messages are organized and available right in their email.