How Qualified Nonprofits Can Receive Free VoIP Phones

Qualified Nonprofits Receive Free Advanced VoIP Phones Through Our Donation Program

Your mission is our mission.

We are partnering with thousands of nonprofit organizations on their mission to creating a positive impact on the world. We understand the struggles that nonprofits experience with regards to adopting the most modern technology available because of either budget restraints or manpower, but we are changing that. We are helping organizations all over the country experience top of the line communication solutions. Nonprofits are becoming connected to their communities, staff, volunteers and donors in ways that they have never been connected before. We are giving nonprofit organizations the opportunity to improve collaboration and enhance workflows with our advanced communication solutions and donating free phones to get them started.

We are offering qualified nonprofits that apply for our Phone Donation Program FREE advanced VoIP phones for the entire organization while giving them the ability to adopt the most elite and feature-rich communications system available.

Looking for a way to boost your nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts while leveraging communication and collaboration with your community? Take action and apply to qualify.