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How Unified Communications Improves Workflows

Leveraging Unified Communications to Improve Workflows and Productivity


Businesses often struggle with downtime and stalled workflows because of interruptions or delays in the process. A successful business manages to leverage available tools and resources in order to eliminate unnecessary steps in the workflow and alleviate the frustration of wasted time and energy. While the concept may seem simple and obvious, many businesses are unaware of the tools that make this simple to achieve and find themselves stuck in delayed or stalled workflows on a daily basis.

According to an article published recently in Network World, “Companies that have implemented Unified Communications have realized tangible savings of up to 75% in phone and equipment costs alone. However, the long-term impact is a vast improvement in productivity.” Businesses and large enterprises are leveraging Unified Communications and placing it as the foundation for workflow strategy and therefore, making their business operations more efficient than ever before.

3 ways Unified Communications (UC) Improves Workflows.

1. UC reporting tools provide productivity reporting for management, detailing the way in which employees spend their time communicating – time spent on calls, messaging, and video or web conferencing solutions in particular. UC interfaces allow management to track and manage the way in which employees communicate in order to successfully implement changes that improve workflows.

2. UC tools are used to improve workflows across  multinational companies or businesses with workers across the globe. Whether a business has 1 or 50 locations, UC offers the organization mobility for remote workers, telecommuters and international workers if needed. Synergy is a vital aspect of any successful business and no matter the distance between workers of any business, UC tools make it possible to maintain exceptional levels of connectivity and productivity.

3. Implementing and integrating Unified Communications in business processes allows workflows to be modified specifically to meet the needs of that organization. The flexible solution allows for newer technologies that allow for faster processing time, decision making and workflows while also reducing waste and operating costs, as well as improving overall efficiencies.

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