Leading Independent Food Broker in the West Makes a Great Business Decision

“Our IT people recommend UniVoIP and we have recommend them to our manufacturers and sister companies. When compared to our previous phone service provider, AT&T, it is really a no-brainer. The on-line administration is great, the phones are very easy to use and you can email or call support, free of charge, if you ever have any issues with your phones.” Liz Saenz, Co-Sales Office Manager

About Co-Sales

Co-Sales is the leading independent food broker in the west, with over 100 years of excellence in sales, marketing and merchandising. Founded in 1905, Co-Sales opened its doors in Arizona as Winchester-Coe.

What were their specific needs/challenges?

“AT&T, our previous phone service provider, was expensive. As we started to research options, our IT people recommended we look into UniVoIP and it was a better business decision for us. Signing up with UniVoIP saved us a lot of money and we didn’t have to pay for additional phone lines. Phones are easy to use and we can re-route calls and messages as needed. UniVoIP customer service has been quick to respond to issues we have had.” Liz Saenz, Co-Sales Office Manager.

Why UniVoIP?

In the past, multiple vendors were required to deliver business phone services: the phones provider, the maintenance company, the-long-distance provider, the local phone lines provider, and the internet service provider – just to name a few. Further, the services were run on expensive and cumbersome premise-based equipment that was doomed for obsolescence.

UniVoIP has eliminated the need for dealing with multiple vendors and overseeing hardware by placing the phone system functionality in the Cloud. Users can access all of their communication services without have to administer any hardware. Allowing them to manage and make phone calls from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

UniVoIP’s unlimited calling plans include all phone system functionality, unlimited support by technical and customer support staff, while most importantly being very affordable.