Making the Most of Corporate Philanthropy Trends in 2016

NONPROFIT CHALLENGE BLOG SERIES: Making the Most of Corporate Philanthropy Trends in 2016

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Nonprofit organizations struggle to obtain corporate financial support. The truth is, a nonprofit must create a meaningful relationship with corporations in order to leverage their size and resources for their cause.

3 ways to make the most of corporate philanthropy trends:


A recent study showed that three quarters of millennials have donated to nonprofits in the last year. The technology industry is changing and the youth of America is growing increasingly savvy with advanced communications via phone, internet, mobile apps, email etc. This means that nonprofit organizations can easily access this population with as little effort as possible. Take advantage of this trend and have a strong communication strategy with the right set of tools that reach the millennials on their level.


Thanks to increasing advocacy across the board and nonprofits educating and informing the world of major issues effecting our planet, people are volunteering to support their favorite cause more than ever. Constantly work on ways to engage volunteerism as you would donations. Use social media platforms, mobile apps, and email campaigns to reach out to a very willing and able generation. Corporations are focusing more on social responsibility and sending teams out of volunteers ready to advocate for a cause.


Don’t just ask corporations for donations. Ask them to partner with your nonprofit in your pursuit of the greater good. Create meaningful relationships with large companies and access their employees for volunteering and giving programs. By building these relationships your nonprofit can increase advocacy and in turn, increasing financial support. The more individuals you have on your team, the better it is and what better way than to partner with a large corporation filled with passionate people.