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How RadNet Simplified Growth and Expansion by Unifying Communications

SUCCESS STORY SERIES: RadNet – Achieving Unified Communications to Simplify Growth and Expansion

WELCOME! This blog post is part of our “Success Story Series” in which we provide you with real-life examples of how companies and organizations around the country achieve improved productivity, increased ROI and elite-class business communications.

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As the population grows – so does the need for quality medical services and the challenge to manage them. The growing number of patients is pushing healthcare providers to consolidate operations and search for responsible ways to save. Medical leaders of these organizations are turning to advanced cloud communications as a way to dramatically enhance operations while conscientiously cutting costs. 

RadNet’s team works tirelessly to oversee this vast operation. At the time we launched this operation the Director of Materials at RadNet stated that – The work we perform helps doctors across the country to diagnose ailments and cure them. Our efforts serve physicians in their quest to save lives. 

A formidable challenge for RadNet was finding an affordable, flexible communications system that could match their fast growth. RadNet understood the value of finding a solution that could meet their needs, increase efficiency and not break the bank.

Enter UniVoIP

RadNet selected UniVoiP to modernize their telephone system and unify communications across several US-West Coast locations. Together we have expanded service to over 65 RadNet sites and many more locations are in queue to be switched to UniVoIP enterprise solution. RadNet now enjoys seamless phone service from any office and has gained enhanced features between sites like visual controls, performance tracking, advanced analytics and full redundancy. RadNet’s team works tirelessly to oversee this vast operation.

We were enthralled by how a thousand plus extensions were implemented so quickly. Not to mention, over a quarter of savings on total communication costs . . .“ – RadNet Director of Materials

RadNet continues to expand, opening more offices at a rapid pace and has pushed their extensions past the one thousand mark. UniVoIP has enabled RadNet to keep up with the exponential growth and curtail costs without losing vital features.