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The Pitfalls That Your Business Should Be Aware Of

The Pitfalls of Researching A Cloud Communications Service Provider For Your Business – Don’t be Fooled.


Take Note of the Pitfalls of Research ­– It’s not always as good as it seems.

Be Smart. Be Informed. Find a Leader in Communications.

It may be an illusion. You have looked at several pictures, read several articles and done your research for hours on end, but don’t be fooled, it’s not always what it seems. Taking your trip into cloud communications is no different than wanting high quality room service, a friendly front desk, a great chef, working warm water for showers, and an air conditioned room on your vacation. While you may be seeing grandeur and perfection in the pictures and on paper, your actual visit into the cloud may be quite the opposite.

Don’t just jump for the best deal. It’s important to note that many providers that offer price comparison are the ones that end up with dissatisfied customers. You may be short changed. Your features may be more limited than it seemed or even cut short, and you’re probably going to be hit with unexpected fees after you sign your contract.

A true leader doesn’t cut corners. This is when it’s up to you to find a leader and a trustworthy source that can guide you in the right direction. A true leader will review your “offerings” with you and explain the “catches”. Furthermore, expect to compare and evaluate offering models, features and functionalities, as well as compare quality of products when meeting with a sales executive. You can make a truly informed decision.

A Service Level Agreement is a must. You know you need a solution that powers your business, reduces downtime, increases customer service and response time, eliminates paperwork, reduces missed calls and improves universal communications for your business but don’t make the mistake of a blind choice. Make sure that you get a Service Level Agreement and run from any provider that doesn’t offer one.

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