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The Power of Goal Setting – Six Tips to Keep Your Business on Course

Goal setting is important tool for any individual or enterprise – whether it’s personal or financial, it takes daily dedication to ensure that you are heading towards your true objective. Here are five steps that can help you on your journey:

Know What you Want

Too often, too many smart people don’t know exactly what they want. Their intelligence is unapplied and aimless. Even if you are unsure of what your goals are, take the time to really think about what you want out of life, business and relationships. Imagine a life that you’d like to live, think about what it would take to make it happen and GO.

Write it Down

Record your goals – write it every day so that it stays fresh in your mind. The sales guru, Brian Tracy suggests recording goals in the present tense so they are more immediate and you internalize them. With so many distractions, it’s so easy to lose focus on why you got into your trade in the first place. Stick with it and good things will happen.

Review Goals Before Going to Bed

The subconscious mind is quite powerful.  It’s good to revisit your aims before going to bed so that they are fresh in your head at all times and your mind is working on them even when you’re asleep.

Create Incremental Steps

Along with writing your goals, write a list of incremental steps that you can take to get you closer, even if It’s just an inch – through daily improvement, you will naturally be happier.

Associate with Like-Minded People

Associate with people who have similar wants and are striving to achieve them. You will be exposed to those with drive and in turn be fueled by your ambitions.


Take time to see yourself achieving your goals – think about how it would feel to obtain them. It will help reinforce your drive towards achievement.

Follow these steps – and before long the grail will be in your grasp.