Top News in Cloud Communications You Don’t Want to Miss

A Telecommunications Solution That Cannot Be Overlooked

  • Lois Columbus on The Cloud’s untapped potential: “Only 35% of the value from workloads in the cloud today is being realized, leaving 65% of their value untapped.” 
  • Joe McKendrick on a survey of 1000 executives discussing the unexpected benefits of switching to the cloud: “Nearly two thirds (65 percent) of respondents said using the cloud had led to increased speed of access to technology. In terms of streamlining business processes, over two thirds (67 percent) have experienced reduced delivery times to clients and partners. A majority, 54 percent, have seen the delivery time of new services to new markets or geographies reduced.
  • Gene Marcial on why small business cannot overlook cloud communications: “According to industry sources, a multi-location business with 55 employees would require $60,000 in capital expenditure to install traditional on-site hardware for communications. Analysts figure that Cloud-based UC would require less than $10,000.”
  • Maribel Lopez on Cloud Communications offering companies the mobility today’s professional environment demands: “As companies look to mobile enable every aspect of the business, cloud computing provides the foundation for creating and consuming the next generation of business applications. Cloud services also provide mobile middleware, enterprise mobile management (EMM), testing and app development tools. The most advanced level of cloud services deliver software as a service (SaaS) apps that live in the cloud and can be used anywhere, from any device.”

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Source: Forbes