Top News in Cloud Communications Your Business Needs To Know

Today’s Top News In Cloud Communications You Don’t Want To Miss

1. “Top-line growth, collaboration among employees, and supply chain are the three areas enterprises expect cloud computing to impact most in three years.”

2. “Developing new products and services, new lines of business and entering new markets are three key areas in which cloud computing is transforming enterprises.”

3. “58% of enterprises predict their use of cloud computing will increase top-line revenue growth in three years.”

4. “67% of enterprises say that marketing, purchasing and supply chain are somewhat and mostly cloud-based as of today.”

5. “As the cloud automation becomes more and more efficient, human intervention within firms become less and less frequent, which allows for IT to spend more time on strategic planning endeavors.”

6. “Orchestration is particularly effective in helping companies lower expenditures and maintain a sound ebb and flow of work in the IT department.”

7. “It is predicted that, in time, almost all companies will be reliant, in some way, on the cloud.”


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(Source: Forbes)