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VoIP Is The Solution For Smart Businesses

VoIP Let’s You Do More and Have More

“VoIP” (Voice Over IP) – let’s you make calls over an internet protocol data network.

“Unified Communications” – this allows you to combine all your business communications, including voice, data and video into a secure, inexpensive, feature-rich solution.

“Cloud Computing” – a general term for anything that involves hosted services over the internet. The name cloud was inspired by the symbol that is often used in graphs and flow charts to depict the internet.

Now that we have defined the necessary terms, let’s discuss why VoIP allows you to do more with less. By switching to an internet-based phone system on your own network, your employees can have access to all their customized features from at work, at home or on the go. Your business can stay connected at all times, even in cases of emergency or disaster, and your business operations never have to miss a beat. Not to mention, you’ll have better security as all voice packets passed between the remote IP phone and data centers are encrypted using the SRTP with 128-bit AES encryption.

VoIP features that let you keep it simple and save your business money: 

Cutting Expenses: Reduce travel expenses with web conferencing, video calls and highly advanced collaborative tools for your team. VoIP also allows remote workers to work from anywhere in the world, as long at their is wifi – cutting down on travel expenses, in-house hiring expenses and infrastructure expenses. Additionally as your business grows, VoIP allows you to add users with ease and your business doesn’t have to worry about unexpected expenses.

CRM Connector for Salesforce: A feature that integrates your phone communications directly into your Salesforce environment, to accelerate, simplify, and streamline your workflow.

Conference Bridge: An easy to use, full-featured, and high-quality reservation-less conferencing solution that allows users to easily and effectively collaborate with remote teams.

UniFAX: A fax solution for efficient, paperless and secure transmission of faxes. With UniFax you can entirely eliminate the delays and inefficiencies of paper-based fax processes.


 Unlimited calling, fax, conferencing and over 50 advanced phone system features for one low and very predictable rate.