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Why UniVoIP and Nonprofits are Best Friends

UniVoIP and Nonprofits are Best Friends in Communication and Collaboration

They partner together to improve communication and collaboration with donors, members, staff, volunteers and the community. Whether a nonprofit’s staff is using a smart phone, tablet, laptop/desktop or simply an office phone, their communication tools follow them allowing faster response time. They are able to retrieve faxes, e-mails and voice mails on their favorite e-mail system, as well as leverage IM (chat), organization and management of web/audio/video conferences and shared documents.

They partner together to reduce set-up and on-going maintenance costs. There is considerably less hardware costs with UniVoIP solutions because UniVoIP does not require nonprofits to purchase proprietary hardware. Less hardware for the organization also means less energy costs to the nonprofit in order to power and cool unnecessary proprietary hardware. Additionally, UniVoIP solutions and IP phones are the greenest in the industry. It actually costs twice as much to power a Cisco solution than it does a UniVoIP solution.

They partner together to increase communication reliability, security and safety. With a national secured network and geographic redundancy, UniVoIP is guaranteeing Service Level Agreement, allowing nonprofits to focus on their core mission without worrying about their telecom infrastructure. UniVoIP solutions are configured with multiple levels of resiliency and redundancy to ensure survivability and business continuity in the event of outages, failures, disasters or human error.

Nonprofits Partner With UniVoiP and yours can too: Looking for a way to boost your nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts while leveraging communication and collaboration with your community? Take action today.