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Why Your Nonprofit Organization Needs an Auto Attendant

Nonprofit Solutions
Nonprofit Solutions

Your Nonprofit Organization Should Be Leveraging an Auto Attendant No Matter What Size it is.

A sophisticated auto attendant provides your organization with efficient call management which is supported by our phone donation program. A reliable and highly capable auto attendant can handle all calls to your office, and meets the community, donors, supporters and volunteers with undivided attention.

Whether you have a receptionist or not, you can trust that all calls are handled with care. In other words, anyone calling your main telephone number will be greeted with a short, professional recording telling the caller to dial an extension or to press a single key to be routed to the appropriate department faster. You may grant callers the option to dial a specific extension number, dial by name or personalize as you wish.

What can expect from a strong auto attendant solution:

  • Personalize greetings and call routing based on business hours or dates and establish rules for auto attendant greetings based on your specific needs.
  • Record different messages for holidays or events with special recordings.
  • Forward calls to an outside line if your staff is out of the office and in the field – don’t let your calls go un-answered.
  • Change your auto attendant settings from anywhere through the online-portal. Alert your constituents of special circumstances.

Here is an example:

The Auto-Attendant for nonprofit organizations could be designed as the following solution:

  • Thank you for calling xxx nonprofit organization
  • If you know your party’s 4 digit extension number, you may enter it now or at any time during this message
  • To use Dial-by-Name, press [8]
  • If you wish to make a donation, press [1]
  • To speak with our Events Director, press [2]
  • To reach our director of fundraising program, press [3]
  • To find out about our sponsorship program, press [4]
  • For all other inquiries, or if you wish to speak with the operator, press [0], or stay on the line.

Learn how your nonprofit organization can leverage a highly advanced auto attendant while receiving free advanced VoIP phones from a leader in telecommunications