Your Primary Interface to Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Customers.

Mitel Solidus ECareEmpower Your Customers

Your contact center is the primary interface to your organization, for your most valuable asset – your customers. Providing excellent service that will nurture these customer relationships and ensure operational efficiency involves more than managing call-handling times and abandon rates.

GIVE CUSTOMERS CHOICE ON HOW THEY COMMUNICATE. Customers want options on how they can communicate with you. Voice, email, web chat, SMS, and fax are all desired means of serving your customers, provided you are just as responsive to these media as you are to phone calls. MiContact Center solutions allow you to efficiently integrate and maintain service levels across all media.

What customers or competitors are saying about your business on social media forums, such as blogs and Twitter®, now has a signifi cant impact on your brand. MiContact Center solutions deliver integration with third-party social media monitoring applications. The social media monitoring application monitors social media sites and filters information for relevant posts and activity, which can then be distributed to contact center agents and / or queues to review the posts and respond as necessary – enabling you to proactively respond to customers and protect your brand.

MANAGE CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. Managing customer expectations is key to increasing the probability that a customer will stay in queue, and will remain a satisfied customer who wants to do business with you in the future. MiContact Center solutions keep customers well informed, providing estimated wait time messaging and continuous position in queue updates. Customers are also given flexible alternatives to waiting in queue, including requests for a queued callback and self-service options.

PROVIDE SELF-SERVICE OPTIONS. Self-service provides customers with convenient, 24/7 access to information and services, all while lowering your operational costs. However, having the choice to speak to a live person should always be an option.

MiContact Center solutions allow you to strike the right balance between live service and self-service, improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational expenses for a strong return on investment.

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