Wondering what you get with Unified Communications by UniVoIP?

Our secure cloud-powered phones and service include a host of useful features…
OfficeConnect™ Phone Features

User Features

Hot Desking

Hot Desking allows you to log into the telephone system from any phone designated as a Hot Desk phone. When you log in at the phone using your assigned Hot Desk User Directory number, the phone assumes all your speed dials, features keys, call forwarding setup, and line appearances – even your language preference for the display. Any changes you make to the phone while you are logged in for example, adding a speed dial are saved to your personal profile


Teleworker feature supports telecommuting employees or small branch offices


UniVoIP VoIP OfficeConnect lets you “twin” your desk phone to another internal or external phone (your cell phone, for example). Calls arriving at your desk phone will ring your cell phone simultaneously, allowing you to answer either device


Each user has their own voicemail and must first set it up using the provided passcode. Name, greeting and passcord recording will follow. Your mailbox may be accessed from anywhere at anytime

Voicemail to Email

Listen to the voicemail audio file, or read the message as text in the body of an email. Be more responsive by getting email and text message notifications of received faxes, missed calls, fax transmission results and text messages

Basic Features

Call Forward - External

Forwards calls to external phone numbers (e.g. 613-555-1234)

Call Hold

Allows a user to put a call on hold

Call Waiting Swap

Allows a user to see the number of an incoming caller on their phone display

Call Name Display

Allows a user to see the number of an incoming caller on their phone display

Group Page

Allows a user to receive a group page from their phone


Allows the user to dial, by depressing a single key, the most recent telephone number dialed at that instrument


Audio Conferencing

Dial 8888 – Each extension can hold up to an 8 party call

Auto Answer

Allows the phone to be set to auto-answer mode using feature key

Call Privacy

Does not show a user’s outbound caller ID (CLID) on the called party’s call display

Conference Call

Allows a user to initiate a conference call using the conferencing softkey. 8 party maximum with ability to expand

Do Not Disturb

Allows a user to set their DND status and prevent calls from ringing their phone

Phone Lock

Allows a user to lock their phone access. Set and unlock using the dedicated PIN

Record-A-Call (RAC) Act.

Enables the Record-A-Call on demand call recording freature for a user

Automatic Call Distribution [ACD]

Group Presence Control

Allow a user to place a call on hold on an extension for remote retreival


Call Park - Allowed Park

Allows a user to place a call on hold on an extension for remote retrieval

Dialed Night Service

Allows a user other than the attendant to control the Day/Night mode of the system

Emergency Call Notification

Allows people to receive instant information during an emergency or times of crisis

Group Page - Allow

Allows users to page a group of other users via the speakerphone on the phone. This is useful if you need to get the attention of all employees at once

Dedicated Number & Dialing Plans

Dedicated Number Options

Enhanced Number

With CNAM, Caller ID Delivery, e911 registration

Local Number

Assigned local number associated to your location

Toll Free Number

A toll-free telephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge

Unlimited Fax Number

Provides the ability to send and receive faxes through your Email Client

Dialing Plans

Unlimited Continental USA and Canada

Unlimited calling to Canada and U.S. Enjoy unlimited long distance US and Canada calling 24/7/365


Allows you to dial 9 + 011 + number desired as well as local and long Distance. Outbound metered rate varies by destination, line type and call duration


Allows you to dial 9 + 1 + 900 + 10 digits, and International, LD, and Local

Emergency Only

Allows you to dial 911 OR 9 + 911 only

Unified Communication Features

Unified Communication Features

UC Client - PC & Web

PC client for Windows and Web-based client available

Chat / IM

Supports text chat and instant messages with other users

Chat Presence

Status display indicating whether you, as well as others in your contact list, are available to chat. Effective use can boost workplace productivity

Voice Presence

Save time when contacting people by knowing whether they are on the phone, away from their desk, or available for a call, instant chat, or collaboration

Audio/Web/Video Collaboration

Get audio conferencing, video conferencing and collaboration all in one application across PC, Mac and mobile devices. Easily enhance any meeting with real-time file and screen sharing, review and collaboration on top of voice and video

UC Client Softphone - PC and Mobile

Offers PC-based UC softphone functionality as well as Android, iOS, and Blackberry mobile client and softphone capability

FMC / Dual Mode Handoff

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is the integration of mobile telehones into the fixed-line communication system of your company enabling complete integration

UniVoIP WebConnect™

Triggered by inbound or outbound calls, WebConnect scans designated online sources for relevant information based on the caller’s phone number or name, and gives the user immediate access to profile data on the caller with automatic web-based screen pop-ups

MiTeam Workspaces

Harness a seamless, effortless approach to team collaboration with powerful messaging, content sharing, white boarding and real-time voice and video meetings. It’s a mobile-first tool built to support how teams collaborate and integrate into your key business applications

Skype For Business MiCollab Plugin

MiVoice for Skype for Business (formerly skype for business lync) augments Skype for Business’s capabilities for your Microsoft Lync telephony system

Supported Devices

Desktop and Mobile Softphones

UniVoIP softphones allow remote and mobile workers to take advantage of a full range of productivity enhancing tools right from their computers

Other Supported Devices

Mediatrix 4102S, YealinkW52P, Yealink52H, Generic SIP Devices, and more

Video and Voice Conference Units

Visit our Voice and Video Conference Bundles to learn more

Bluetooth Headset Support

Offering support for a wide selection of Bluetooth Headsets

IP Desk Phones

MiVoice IP Phones

MiVoice 5320, 5320e, 5330e, 5440e, 5360, 6920, 6930, 6940 and more.

Polycom VVXs

Polycom VVX 300, 400, 500 and 600 series



Integration for Google offers computer telephony integration (CTI) and productivity features, including inbound, outbound, and in-call capabilities, all integrated within the web browser user interface via Google Chrome Extension, and accessed with a single sign-on

Salesforce - Advanced

Integration with Salesforce lets you engage in rich, productive, communications with partners, customers, and others as easily as making a phone call all within your browser-based Salesforce window

Skype for Business Office 365

Delivers comprehensive voice capabilities so seamlessly and transparently that your employees enjoy full-featured voice communications from an industry leader without having to leave their familiar Microsoft UC environment

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  • 24/7 support – U.S.-based service reps are available anytime

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Premise-Based vs. Hosted PBX Cost Comparison

A hosted Internet protocol private branch exchange (IP PBX System) system can provide an easy way for small to medium businesses (SMBs) to move to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and get a new range of features and capabilities. While there are several IP PBX options, hosted applications are usually quicker and cheaper to install.

Regardless of the size of your company, a VoIP Phone system solution will optimize operations and monthly savings. In fact, the greater the number of users, the greater savings you will realize with a managed phone system. Not only from a cost point of view but also from an operational workflow.

We are now able to provide our customers with a modern banking experience that best represents the quality of service we aim to provide them. Now, our bank as a whole, looks like a much more reliable place to do business because of UnIVoIP.

Edgar Garrobo

Vice President of Information Technology

American Business Bank

We have deployed UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel contact center, a modern, simple and member-centric communication infrastructure that introduces new analytics to measure and improve how we communicate with and serve our customers.

With UniVoIP, we are now able to manage our contact center solution with analytical reporting that helps measure and monitor customer trends, needs and concerns.

Office Manager