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Empower your agents with omnichannel contact center solutions.

A 100% scalable cloud contact center solution that puts your customers in the driver’s seat of their interactions with your company.

Leveraging multimedia engagement, business intelligence, collaboration, mobility, and analytical tools, you’ll set an industry-standard in customer experience.

Boost Customer Interactions with Omnichannel Engagement for Your Contact Center

An all-inclusive, one-stop ticket to their service of choice, on any channel they demand.

UniVoIP’s Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution ensures a truly customer-centric communication strategy delivered seamlessly across all customer service touchpoints, including SMS, email, SM, web chat, voice, and self-service options on any device. Leading the industry in innovation, UniVoIP’s enterprise-grade contact center technology is hosted and managed on a single platform, allowing agents and supervisors to engage, monitor and proactively service customers on their favorite media channel of choice, at a time that is most convenient for them.

Why Migrate Your Contact Center

Improve Agent Productivity

Stop blindly training contact center agents and start intelligently coaching agents more efficiently. With full visibility into each customer-agent interaction from advanced features like call recording and screen recording, your supervisors are equipped with actionable insights that allow for the improvement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and ultimately, an increase in customer satisfaction and sales.

Easily Scale as You Grow

Requiring minimal on-site hardware and software, you’re given the flexibility to scale phone lines, agents, and features in real-time. Adding new phone lines or call routing structures to accommodate for fluctuations in customer call volume is easily monitored and managed from a single user interface.

Integrate a Remote Workforce

Allowing for “homeshoring” and hiring the best agents from around the globe, UniVoIP’s Omnichannel Contact Center Technology gives agents and supervisors 100% access to features and functionality from any device, at any time and from any location. Your team will remain fully available, active, and productive to ensure that you’re delivering the ultimate customer service experience, delivered on-time, every time.

Standardize Your Global Customer Experience

Offering a centrally managed platform, you’ll better understand overall customer preferences, customer service bottlenecks, and agent productivity gaps to uniformly optimize your brand’s customer experience.

Optimize Your Workforce While Reducing Costs

With advanced forecasting tools, utilizing historical contact center data, your supervisors will easily predict future communication traffic volumes and agent workloads to improve overall business processes, while reducing contact center expenses.

Effortlessly Maintain Service Level Objectives

UniVoIP’s Omnichannel Contact Center technology provides you with the necessary planning tools to define and refine basic contact center framework and maintain service level objectives.

eBook - An Unstoppable Force: Cloud-Based Omnichannel Contact Center Software

An Unstoppable Force:

Cloud-Based Omnichannel Contact Center Software

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UniVoIP Contact Center

Maximize Profitability with Intelligent Agent-Customer Interactions

Replace disintegrated contact centers and service customers faster.

UniVoIP’s Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution is a fully integrated customer experience platform with custom application integration capabilities to improve overall control and flexibility of your existing IT investments, like your CRM. By facilitating transparency and efficiency of workflows, increasing interoperability between departments, and providing rich insight for informed decision-making, your agents will be equipped more than ever to simplify, speed up, and refine workflows.

Solutions to Collect Real-Time Data and Analytics

Providing your agents and supervisors with real-time and historical analytical reporting, accessed through more than 400 best practice report templates as well as customized reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to systemically identify and address ongoing areas for improvement of your customer experience cycle.

UniVoIP’s Impact on KPIs:

  • Improved First Contact Resolutions
  • Optimized Call Handling Time
  • Reduced Average Caller Time in Queue
  • Dropped Abandonment Rate
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Contact Center Reports

Administrative Reports

Administrative reports are made up of the Employee report and stores contact information and configuration data on every employee.

Chat Reports

Chat reports provide comprehensive information about Chat performance. These reports can run on multiple devices, including Queue, Queue group, Agent, and Agent group.

Traffic Analysis Reports

Traffic Analysis reports give comprehensive information regarding trunk traffic.

Email Reports

Email reports provide comprehensive information about email performance. These reports will run on multiple devices, including Queue, Queue group, Agent, and Agent group.

IVR Routing Reports

IVR Routing reports compile data on ports, callback queues, DNIS groups, hunt groups, and agents to empower supervisors to form educated decisions concerning the future of their contact center.

SMS Reports

SMS reports provide comprehensive information about SMS performance. These reports can be run on multiple devices, including Queue, Queue group, Agent, and Agent group.

Conversation Detail Reports

Conversation Detail reports give comprehensive information on events produced throughout the life of contacts. These reports can run on multiple devices, including Agent group, Employee and Employee group, Queue and Queue group, Media server, Site, and Account Code and Account Code group.

Multimedia Reports

Multimedia reports give comprehensive information across media types: voice, email, chat, and SMS. These reports can be produced on multiple devices, including Employee group, Agent group, Queue group, and Unified Queue Group.

Voice Reports

Voice reports give specific information regarding call performance. They can run on multiple devices, including Queue and Queue group, Agent and Agent group, Employee and Employee group, Trunk, Forecast Team, Extension, and DNIS.

Workflow Reports

Workflow reports compile data on IVR Routing and Multimedia Contact Center workflows.

Cloud Call Center Solutions

Our Commitment to You

24/7/365  Support

At UniVoIP, we put our customers first. We guarantee business outcomes and deliver more than just cloud solutions – we deliver an unparalleled customer experience that sets us apart from the rest. We take a one-on-one approach to customer service, ensuring that our customers are supported every step of the way.

Our UniVoIP Success Team is made up of highly skilled, passionate IT professionals, consistently trained to provide you the most rewarding customer experience in the industry.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Purchasing Guide

Our Omnichannel Contact Center Solution is perfect for inbound and outbound contact centers, customer service departments, small businesses to large enterprises, sales and telemarketing companies, and more.

Simply put, if you’re a business interested in building customer loyalty, increasing sales, avoiding lost opportunities, establishing a consistent and professional experience, and/or gaining a lead on your competition, our contact center solutions are a fit for you.

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