How a Nonprofit can Build a Sustainable Future for the Organization

NONPROFIT CHALLENGE BLOG SERIES: How a Nonprofit Can Build a Sustainable Future for the Organization

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“To make the greatest impact on society requires first and foremost a great organization, not just a great program.”Jim Collins, Good to Great and the Social Sectors

How you can change that:


Your vision statement should be brief and well-defined. Your statement should speak to the core values and principles of the organization and focus on an approach that differentiates your organization from others. Define how your organization will measure its success and how it will connect with the community during the entire process. Your vision statement is the true measure of your organization’s endeavors.


It’s critical your organization defines a strategic fundraising plan and demonstrates a balanced portfolio of funding sources. Without a constituent relationship management program in place that ensures supporters and donors are at the forefront of your concerns, an organization cannot succeed.


While an organization can have a more laid back approach, a casual demeanor and a more unique perspective on business, it’s just as important that staff have clearly defined roles and expectations. Choosing a staff with the right skill set and experiences as well as offering appropriate compensation for their performance empowers staff to succeed. A strong work environment ensures that all will be working towards the same common goal; fulfilling the mission.


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