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A Stress-Free Implementation Process with No Interruptions

Full-scope migration management from A-Z

Offering a smooth transition of services, all facets of the migration process including provisioning, number porting, site readiness, and user readiness are addressed and managed a by full-service project management team at no charge.

With a dedication to a seamless implementation experience, our team of highly-trained experts provide flexible migration cycles including staggered, grouped, and a paced-migration processes to fit the unique needs of the customer.

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The Implementation Process:

Step 1

The Starting Point

  1. Scope out requirements
  2. Plan and schedule the project
  3. Survey and perform gap analysis
Step 2

Designing the Solution

  1. Decide on requirements
  2. Map users
  3. Document call flows
  4. Develop project plans
Step 3

Setting up the System

  1. Configuration
  2. Install equipment
  3. Test the system
  4. Support with network testing
  5. Porting numbers
  6. Go-LIVE
Step 4

Supporting Communication

  1. Determine site specific communication packages
  2. Train end users
Step 5

Supporting Post Deployment

Full transition to UniVoIP’s 24/7/365 US Based Customer Support

What to Expect

Understanding VoIP Implementation Requirements

The UniVoIP Project Management Team evaluates and addresses everything from network bandwidth to ensure high quality calling, and the reliability of existing internet connection ensuring low latency, to setting up Quality of Service (QoS) such that voice traffic is optimized on the network.

  • Network Connectivity

    Calculate estimated bandwidth requirements to align with the company growth strategy – 100 kbps per voice line

  • Number Portability

    Identify and address potential bottlenecks in porting numbers to the VoIP solution

  • Prioritization of Data

    Forecast expected network traffic and plan for high-traffic activities

  • Testing and Discovery

    Simulate business conditions, identify potential problems, and proactively troubleshoot issues

Kicking Off Deployment

Upon becoming an official UniVoIP customer, a welcome letter is delivered via email detailing a respective timeline of deployment and setting expectations for the process. An initial kickoff call is scheduled simultaneously to address and confirm major facets of deployment:

  • Site Address
  • Billing Telephone Number (BTN) for e911 letter of Authorization and Porting
  • Licenses
  • Site readiness
  • Projected anticipated timeline
  • Account management
  • Master Service Level Agreement (MSA)

Going LIVE

After thorough preparation and planning, it is time to Go LIVE. The UniVoIP Project Management team will proactively address questions, train key stakeholders, test your applications in our environment and be available for you during your deployment.

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