Unified Communication Solutions for a 21st-century learning environment.

Our cloud-based communication tools for schools provide a platform for faculty to connect with one another through voice, chat and video — whether on their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Provide Unified Communication for Your School

At UniVoIP, we’re a provider of Unified Communication as a Service (CaaS) solutions for educational institutes, as well as several other industries that demand secure, easy-to-use tools for connecting their staff to enhance their productivity. Our unified communications for schools provide an interface that’s convenient and encourages collaboration and communication among teachers, staff, parents and students.Learn more about our academic, unified communication solutions by contacting us today.

Connect Faculty

Our cloud-based communication tools for schools provide a platform for faculty to connect with one another through voice, chat and video—whether on their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Our services also offer support for Macs and PCs as well as Blackberry, iPhone and Android operating systems.

With our easy-to-use interaction tools for faculty, they can collaborate on establishing new courses and adjusting to upcoming curriculum changes. Teachers and professors may also use the tools to receive peer reviews on their work for academic journals.

Enhance Lessons

Adapt to the changing learning landscape with our academic, multimedia interaction solutions. Today, 70 percent of learners state that they’re more motivated when training on a mobile device—they also study 40 minutes longer compared to when they’re using a desktop or laptop.

Provide students a new outlet for learning, whether they’re attending a brick-and-mortar or online learning center. Host discussions, assign, monitor and manage groups and more with our unified communication tools for schools, like MiTeam and MiCollab.

Unify Offices

Our cloud-based communication tools for schools allow your facility to have one central number. Callers can reach different offices by dialing an extension number, which simplifies and expedites the process of reaching different offices, buildings and individuals.

Staff and faculty may also switch between their office and cell phone with ease. We’ll port your employee’s number so they can avoid having to change their number or manage multiple accounts. Instead, they can alternate between phones with ease and manage a single synchronized account.

Did you know ?

29% of higher education institutions and 26% of K-12 schools have already implemented UC. Another 15% of higher education institutions and 13% of k-12 schools plan to upgrade to UC within the next 12 months.

Source: Center for Digital Education (CDE)

Safeguard Your School with Emergency Readiness

UniVoIP solutions provide enhanced school safety and empower immediate response of on-site personnel with a robust set of communication features available in all classrooms and offices.

With mobile solutions such as The UniVoIP App, teachers, campus security and all other essential staff members are connected with consistent communication in any situation.

Geo-Redundancy and Disaster Avoidance: Geo-redundant data centers forged with resilient architecture ensure that in the case of a natural disaster or crisis situation, lines of communication remain open. UniVoIP’s Business Continuity Plans and disaster avoidance protocols offer schools alternative means of communication in the event of an emergency or crisis with preemptive planning.

California Teleconnect Fund

The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) is a program run by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that provides a 25% off voice services and a 50% discount for broadband on select communication services, schools, libraries,hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and about 7,000 Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

Go Green with UniVoIP

The Mitel IP phones used primarily with UniVoIP solutions use up to 62% less power.

How educational institutions promote a healthier environment:

Consume less electrical power

Reduce hardware waste with longer lasting equipment

Empower telecommuting and reduce carbon emissions

Use less paper with UniFax

Cost Savings without Compromising Education

With virtually no maintenance or support costs, UniVoIP offers reduced total cost of ownership over antiquated PBX systems.

Big Savings

Save up to 60% with unlimited local and long distance phone service + advanced phone system features.

Superior Quality

HD quality with Guaranteed Quality of Service and life-time warranty on all phones and hardware

Complete Mobility

Receive calls and voicemails on any phone in any location – with unlimited call routing options.

Manage with Ease

Administer users and settings with ease. Never pay for upgrades, service or changes again.

UniVoIP is a great solution for nonprofits as the system is very affordable and has increased productivity through staff utilization. We now have very low and predictable monthly costs with access to 24/7 US-based customer service.

We had no idea how much UniVoIP’s communication solution could improve our reach within the community and make our staff more accessible to our constituents in order to handle priorities and other crucial needs.

Natalie Simons

LA Team Mentoring

Our old system was archaic and UniVoIP’s Assistance Program as well as continuous ongoing savings were a no-brainer for us when deciding on migrating to VoIP.