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UniVoIP OfficeConnect™ offers nonprofit organizations innovative and robust features to improve response and collaboration so you can maximize your impact.

We’ve Been helping nonprofits succeed since 2005.

UniVoIP OfficeConnect™ offers nonprofit organizations a VoIP Phone Solution with the most innovative and robust feature set available. The highly flexible and scalable phone system is strategically designed to empower nonprofit orgnizatiion staff, safeguard data, promote confidentiality, improve employee mobility and take fundraising efforts to the next level. Nonprofit VoIP service offers organizations the ability to migrate to an advanced cloud-based phone system with zero upfront hardware costs. Joining the future of communications means that your organization can receive complimentary VoIP phones for the entire team. View the California Teleconnect Fund Eligibility Requirements.

Business woman on the phone taking notes (comparing providers)

A True Cloud Phone System

A robust cloud phone system delivering a plethora of advanced features from auto-attendant, call paging, conferencing, one-touch speed dial, email integration to call recording – to name a few. Take a load off, put it in the cloud and trust one provider for all your Communication and Data Service needs.

Multimedia Contact Center

UniVoIP has extensive experience providing outsourced nonprofit call center solutions. Our customized agent training and advanced technology allow us to deliver an unparalleled customer experience while increasing donations and improving donor acquisition and retention. Trust our expertise, capacity and sensitivity for your cause to handle your fundraising and donor contact center service needs with the dedication you would expect from an industry leader’s job easy.

Unified Communications & Mobility Solutions

The idea behind UC is that if a staff member can access and reply to a message using whatever device is convenient at the moment — regardless of what sort of device the message was generated on — there will be less lag time between replies and the organization will be able to communicate more effectively, both internally and externally.

Online Administration

The OfficeConnect Online Administration offers an integrated solution which is centralized in the cloud. It has been designed to automate usual provisioning functions with a very intuitive user interface and make it very easy to add and change users, assign phones, manage extensions and groups anytime, from anywhere.

24/7 Customer Care

From the moment you become a customer, our Customer Care team goes to work on behalf of your business. Our US-based team works directly with you to assure the experience with our business phone system is beyond expectations. You get first-class customer care as you should.

Trust Excellence

Secure your communications on our private/public network

On-site set up and training with our certified experts

Multi-site support – Connecting all locations on the UniVoIP network

Ongoing complimentary upgrades

Unifax: Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax

Unlimited calling

No hidden fees. Fixed monthly cost

24/7/365 FREE support

A Better Business Phone Solution in the Cloud

Big Savings

Save up to 60% with unlimited local and long distance phone service + advanced phone system features.

Superior Quality

HD quality with Guaranteed Quality of Service and life-time warranty on all phones and hardware

Complete Mobility

Receive calls and voicemails on any phone in any location – with unlimited call routing options.

Manage with Ease

Administer users and settings with ease. Never pay for upgrades, service or changes again.

Success Stories

The Valley Economic Alliance

The Valley Economic Alliance (a.k.a. Economic Alliance) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit strategic private-public collaborative made up of business, government, education and community organizations. Its mission is to elevate the economic vitality and stability of their 5 city region – Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, Los Angeles and San Fernando consisting of more than 70,000 businesses, over 2.1 million residents and covering more than 350 square miles.

OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

OUR HOUSE grief support groups create a warm environment of safety and comfort in which children, teens, and adults find the support they need from others who have also experienced the death of someone close. Led by highly trained volunteers, groups are age and relationship specific. OUR HOUSE also offers grief support groups in local schools, helping grieving children in low-income, underserved areas of Los Angeles County.

Hire Heroes USA

At Hire Heroes, former military and business professionals train veterans on how to become marketable and offer support throughout their career search. The hallmark of their program is a personal approach, which includes group workshops and assistance that connects them with viable companies and/or interesting employment opportunities through their Job Board.

The Center For Restorative Justice Works

The Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) unites children, families and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system. CRJW calls the community to set aside pre-judgments about women and men in prison in order to work together to accompany families torn apart by the crime and the criminal justice system; create awareness about the negative impacts of incarceration on children and families; and advocate for programs and policies that restore relationships.

Fathers and Mothers Who Care

Founded in 1997, Fathers and Mothers Who Care (FMWC) now has 3 locations including Los Angeles, Atlanta and a satellite office in Dallas. They currently serve anyone who comes to their office needing any type of assistance and currently offer a housing program as well as other types of housing assistance.

International Institute of Akron

The International Institute of Akron’s (IIA) mission is to contribute to the well-being of their community by creating and implementing programs and services that assist those born outside the United States to integrate into American society. They work to promote public awareness of the value of ethnic diversity and to encourage international communication.

LA Team Monitoring

Los Angeles Team Mentoring (LATM) began its TeamWorks program in 1992 in response to the civil unrest that plagued the city. This creative new approach – team-based mentoring – was developed to combat the overwhelming negative challenges facing young people in LA’s inner-city middle schools. LATM’s innovative model was also the answer to expanding their reach to mentor greater numbers of deserving youth with a limited number of available adult volunteers.

Life Steps Foundation

Life Steps Foundation (LSF) began its services in 1982 as a partnership among three mental health professionals who identified the need for in-home educational and preventive interventions as an alternative for individuals and families who were unwilling or unable to receive services in institutional settings. Since then, they have evolved from a “mom and pop” operation based in the South Bay of Los Angeles County to an enterprise- level organization developing programs for various ages and disabilities statewide, with headquarters in Culver City, CA.

South Bay Workforce

Providing Policy Guidance for Businesses. The mission of the SBWIB, Inc. is to collaborate with business, economic development, education, government, labor and community organizations to provide a dynamic, efficient and effective workforce development system that ensures a skilled workforce and a healthy economy in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.