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Select Voice & Data Sees 20% Increase in MRR Through Partnership With UniVoIP

Select Voice & Data had been missing out on new business with its existing hosted voice provider.

When it started working with UniVoIP, it saw both an increase in customer conversations around UCaaS as well as an increase in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

The Challenge:
Stop Letting the Sales Slide By

When bidding for new customers, Select Voice & Data found itself pitted against stiff competition. New business would often go to its competitors because of pricing. The company was looking to leverage a hosted voice platform that would enable it to win more prospective customers.

“We were getting beat up when we would go to bid with our current solution,” said Bill Pedersen, President & CEO of Select Voice & Data.

Select Voice & Data was searching for the perfect blend of cost-effective technology that would meet its customers’ demands for features.

“Customers liked the platform we offer – and there are many features of it that are desirable, but there’s a cost associated with it,” said Pedersen.

The company also was forced to deal with the unresponsiveness of hosted voice carriers that became an added burden.

When they are working with my customers, they are wearing my hat.

>– Bill Pedersen, President & CEO, Select Voice & Data

The Action:
Technology That “Wows” With Support to Match

Select Voice & Data began offering UniVoIP’s UCaaS platform and leveraged UniVoIP’s hands-on approach to customer service. Immediately, Pedersen noticed a difference between UniVoIP’s work and that of other hosted voice carriers.

“UniVoIP’s practice makes a huge difference for a company like mine. They are readily available when we need their help, and they have more of a hands-on approach from a customer support perspective, a provisioning perspective, and in regards to product launches,” Pedersen said.

Pedersen found UniVoIP to be not just competitively priced but attractive to customers. He also enjoyed UniVoIP’s unique responsiveness and reliability whenever an issue popped up.

With some of the other carriers we work with, responsiveness is a big issue. Not with UniVoIP.

– Bill Pedersen, President & CEO, Select Voice & Data

The Results:

More Customers, Fewer Headaches

Select Voice & Data:

  • Has seen a 50% increase in competitive customer opportunities.
  • Has more than doubled conversations with customers around UCaaS.
  • Has seen an increase in MRR by about 15-20% in addition to what normal revenue would be.

As we started looking at UniVoIP’s solution, it was like night and day compared to other solutions we offer.

– Bill Pedersen, President & CEO

The technology consultant is now able to:

  • Bid successfully for prospective customers with competitive pricing on hosted voice.
  • Give customers the feature sets they are looking for at prices that fit.
  • See better manageability with UniVoIP’s easy-to-use platform.
  • Make moves, adds, and changes (MACs) much simpler, quicker, and easier.
  • Rely on their provider for trustworthy customer support.
  • Confidently ensure customers are going to love the UniVoIP platform and enjoy stellar service.

“I can offer my customers three times as many features and functionality at a cheaper price with UniVoIP. That’s huge, especially at this time during the pandemic when our customers are looking for a remote teleworker solution,” said Pedersen.

And there are features of UniVoIP’s platform that make it easy for Select Voice & Data to stay competitive in other ways. For example, the solution emulates the old style of phone systems that customers are used to, so the transition to hosted voice is seamless and user-friendly. “The UniVoIP platform makes it easy, simple, and provides a lot of visual indicators,” said Pedersen.

UniVoIP has become an extension of Select Voice & Data. Pedersen added, “With UniVoIP, you have a solid voice solution that you don’t have to worry about, and you’ve got resources that will take care of it for you.”