Phone & Contact Center Solutions for Financial Organizations

Improve daily interactions, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver a better customer experience

UniVoIP understands that financial institutions handle a heavy amount of daily activity and exchange personal information over the phone with their patrons. Banks are switching over to our VoIP solution to improve daily interactions with clients, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and to deliver a better customer service experience to all who seek their services. We know that poor phone quality can tarnish a bank’s image, and for some clients, a bad call means a bad bank to do business with. UniVoIP is happy to cater to businesses like banks which are reaping the benefits of our VoIP phone solution.


We are now able to provide our customers with a modern banking experience that best represents the quality of service we aim to provide them. Now, our bank as a whole, looks like a much more reliable place to do business because of UnIVoIP.

Edgar Garrobo | Vice President of Information Technology | American Business Bank


An intelligent solution for financial institutions

Manage expectations, address and deliver on customer’s inquiries with customer profiling, intelligent contact routing, and enterprise presence. Empower your customers by offering them multiple communication mediums such as voice, email, web chat, fax, and social media while efficiently maintaining service levels across all media with our customer interaction solutions for financial organizations.

Better training and customer experience

Business VoIP allows essential personnel to collect data about bank communications for training purposes and for conflict resolution. This feature allows training staff personnel to develop customer service strategies that put the client first, to identify customer service concerns, and to evaluate create the most effective communication strategy for daily interactions.

Additionally, If customers call for an employee who is working out of another location, the caller isn’t inconvenienced by hanging up and calling another location. The call can be transferred to the other branch without losing contact with the caller.

Connect multiple offices

Increase efficiency by having one central main number for all locations and connect calls between offices, and even mobile users, by only dialing an extension numbers.

Any desk, any phone, any office becomes yours

Working in multiple locations? Tellers and staff members can move from desk to desk, from different branch locations, and use any office phone like it is their own — same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail. It’s a convenient feature of our customer interaction solutions for banks and other financial institutions, which encourages productivity by removing an inconvenience.

Better call quality

Call quality is absolutely necessary for all bank interactions. Poor call quality and inefficient calling capacity can deter clients from seeking the bank’s services. When the bank has a morning meeting over a long-distance conference call, all participants can call in and receive a crystal-clear signal. Better calling quality and calling capacity improves bank efficiency.

Call quality is essential when employees do business away from the bank. A user can log into their dedicated phone line at the office, on a business trip, or when working from home. This feature allows users to do more remotely and work with a wider variety of clientele when they are not in the office. The number the call recipient views on the other line is the number for the bank.

Data / CRM integration

With a fully integrated business VoIP system, users can do more when they are on a call. As soon as a patron calls with a banking question, the online system can automatically pull up the client’s information on the screen in front of the bank employee. This allows the employee to collect information, provide a more personal service, and to save important data.

Secure Communications

Trust that your discussions with consumers, as well as team members, remain secure and private with our customer interaction solutions for financial organizations. We encrypt all voice packets — from both remote and on-site phones — using SRTP with 128-bit AES encryption. SRTP is compliant with both the federal standards for FIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption and the Department of Defense’s PKI Digital Certificate.

We deliver additional security through our online portals, which require password protection, and Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol to protect your cloud-based data from unauthorized access. Our optional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits provide a private network for voice communication as well while reducing your costs by 10 to 40 percent in comparison to other data services.

Encryption of all signaling and voice traffic on Mitel phones is provided at no additional cost.

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The Real ROI comes from Customer Satisfaction

Achieve higher standards through quantifiable business results access, extensive analytics, lower overhead costs, remote agents support, workforce management optimization. Our VoIP phone systems for financial companies also deliver a substantial return in comparison to other Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems.

Choose our cloud-based communication solution over a premise-based one and save 38 to 51 percent over a three-year period. Because our phone system is cloud-based, it eliminates hardware, software and phone line costs while delivering technical support that allows your in-house team to focus on other tasks and maximize their time.

Promote Cost Containment

Businesses that use VoIP know what to expect and can make better decisions about the company’s budget. With traditional phone system, fees and surcharges required by the FCC are passed down to the consumer. With traditional phone systems, maintenance, service calls, and outdated equipment all contribute to unstable phone bills and exorbitant costs. Business VoIP eliminates these burdensome expenses, which results in lower monthly operating costs for banks.

The switch to an online phone system also saves banks money in long distance calls, it eliminates phone lease expenses, and it provides banks with more flexible telephone management. Banks can choose to transition branch by branch, or the bank can commit to an entire company overhaul.

Communicate With Consumers in Outages

System downtime costs increase at an exponential rate. With our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we guarantee our Unified Communication as a Service (CaaS) solutions will have a 99.99 percent uptime each calendar month. Even during outages, our highly available (HA) data centers allow your financial institution to remain active.

Services at these data centers include:

  • Call processing
  • Voicemail services
  • Automated attendant
  • Call recording
  • Music on-hold sources

Our software capabilities on iPhone and Android smartphones also allow your team to leverage their devices during an outage so that they can connect with customers and resolve more complicated issues that go beyond an automated attendant’s capabilities.

VoIP Phone Systems for Financial Companies by UniVoIP

At UniVoIP, we offer VoIP phone systems for financial companies that promote unifying your employees as well as enhancing interactions with consumers through easy-to-use tools that encourage productivity and efficiency. As a CaaS, our VoIP phone and multimedia contact center solutions for financial organizations have led to numerous success stories for banks, accounting firms and other institutions.

Learn more about our CaaS solutions by contacting our experienced team today.


We have deployed UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel contact center, a modern, simple and member-centric communication infrastructure that introduces new analytics to measure and improve how we communicate with and serve our customers.

Sandra Groover | Edwards FCU CAOk


A Better Business Phone Solution in the Cloud

Big Savings

Save up to 60% with unlimited local and long distance phone service + advanced phone system features.

Superior Quality

HD quality with Guaranteed Quality of Service and life-time warranty on all phones and hardware

Complete Mobility

Receive calls and voicemails on any phone in any location - with unlimited call routing options.

Manage with Ease

Administer users and settings with ease. Never pay for upgrades, service or changes again.

Success Stories



CapinCrouse LLP is a national accounting firm specifically focusing on reaching faith-based non-profits and offering expanded accounting, tax, compliance, and consulting services.This has been the CapinCrouse focus since 1972, when the firm was founded by Dick Capin. With offices from Atlanta to Los Angeles,they are a national accounting firm with a national practice approach that helps them leverage expertise and best practices from across the firm to best meet the specific needs of their clients. We support this approach with technology that includes a paperless platform for our assurance practice that links everyone in the firm to the resources they need whether they’re in our offices or yours.


Bellwether Asset Management

Bellwether Asset Management (BWAM) assists in the monitoring and analysis of investments representing more than $6 billion of invested equity across a wide range of real estate-related assets across the United States, Europe and Asia.


Christy White Associates

Christy White Associates provides exceptional audit and assurance services for school districts, charter schools, non profits, governmental agencies, small businesses and HOAs. An Audit Partner and staff is assigned to engagements that are trained specialists in the industry and freely share best practices on accounting topics, how to improve internal controls and maintain compliance.


Mozaic, LLC

Mozaic, LLC is an independent, privately owned firm that focuses on wealth management, family office and corporate advisory services. Clients are high net worth individuals, foundations and corporations. Mozaic’s wealth management and family office platform provides highly customized and personalized solutions. Mozaic specialize in wealth preservation and long-term growth through diversified and risk-controlled investment strategies that generally are only available to institutional investors.


Nikkei Credit Union

Nikkei Credit Union is a progressive, full-service financial institution serving the Japanese American Community in Southern California. We provide quality service as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, owned and democratically controlled by our membership.

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