Business VoIP Phone System for Medical Office Business VoIP Phone System for Medical Office
  • “UniVoIP reduced overall telecommunication expenses and allowed for extra phone system functionality as well as provided an integration between the case management software used at the firm and the phone system."

    Sandra BristolGEKLAW

An Executive-class VoIP Phone System for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

UniVoIP understands that, for a law firm watching the bottom line, it pays to do the math and compare your current phone provider to our VoIP phone solution. In fact, an updated phone system is often low on the “to do” list for a small or medium legal practice, and too often, during a move or opening of a new office, many simply call the phone company, “turn on” the phone service, plug the phones into the wall jacks and accept the exorbitant expense as the cost of doing business. Know that our VoIP solution’s inherent flexibility will give users more freedom to configure the solution the way they want based upon their needs aside from improving voice quality, scalability, mobility and the opportunity to make a better first impression with your clients.


With the UniVoIP Mobile App, your legal staff busy in the court house, can make and receive calls to their office and their clients on their own mobile device or tablet without having to share their personal phone number. App users can also transfer calls to another extension, check work voicemail, group chat or IM colleagues in the office, access company directory, view call logs and manage online presence to show when unavailable whether in the law library or in court.

Information Capture

An integral aspect of legal services is documentation and paper trail. UniVoIP’s phone solution offers call recording capabilities, voicemail-to-email transcription, and fax-via-email, making your legal staff’s job easy.

Multiple Locations and Scalability

UniVoIP’s unified communication solution unites multiple locations, remote sites, mobile devices, desktops and teleworkers through a secured and reliable connection. Best of all, the solution scales with your firm so that as your firm grows, your phone solution does too. With a single management online portal, you control the growth of your solution and add users as needed.

Improved Appearance

Law firms rely on client satisfaction and with an advanced multi-lingual auto-attendant, even small law firms can have an advanced virtual receptionist that efficiently routes every caller to the best extension that can offer them immediate assistance. Your firm can ensure it’s putting its best foot forward.

Low Impact on IT

UniVoIP’s hosted and managed solution lets you focus on your cases, rather than your communication infrastructure. Our solution is easy to implement, manage and scale based on your firm’s needs and success. We eliminate your need for IT resources as well as the financial burden of ongoing hardware and maintenance costs.

Trust Excellence

  • Secure your communications on our private/public network
  • On-site set up and training with our certified experts
  • Multi-site support - Connecting all locations on the UniVoIP network
  • Ongoing complimentary upgrades
  • Unifax: Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax
  • Unlimited calling
  • No hidden fees. Fixed monthly cost
  • 24/7/365 FREE support

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A Better Business Phone Solution in the Cloud

Big Savings

Save up to 60% with unlimited local and long distance phone service + advanced phone system features.

Superior Quality

HD quality with Guaranteed Quality of Service and life-time warranty on all phones and hardware

Complete Mobility

Receive calls and voicemails on any phone in any location - with unlimited call routing options.

Manage with Ease

Administer users and settings with ease. Never pay for upgrades, service or changes again.

Success Stories



Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein, LLP (Geklaw) is a recognized leader in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Law in Southern California. Geklaw have built their reputation for turning serious injuries into serious victories by effectively utilizing their expertise, resources and knowledge.

Resch Polster & Berger LLP

Resch Polster & Berger has over 30 years of experience in providing client-focused, traditional yet creative business and legal services for a wide range of industries. The firm has established a solid reputation for technical excellence, exceptional responsiveness and creativity delivered in a cost-effective manner.

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