VoIP Business Phone Solutions

Voice/Data/Wireless Networking

Central Station Monitoring

Access Control & Building Security

A Robust VoIP Solution for Property Owners

Voice, Data and Security Solutions for property owners and managers

UniVoIP in partnership with Telenet VoIP Inc. is offering a complete technology solution for property managers and real estate agencies alike. Our single source services ensure a fast, secured and economical set up of technology services in your building.

VoIP Business Phone Solution

Unlimited calling on our private/public network, on-site setup and training with our certified experts, multi-site support for all locations on the UniVoIP network, ongoing complimentary upgrades and no hidden fees as well as fixed monthly cost. Unifax: Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax, 24/7 FREE US based support.

Voice/Data/Wireless Networking

Advanced communications and networking solutions over our fiber-rich IP network with superior network availability and resiliency. Disaster-recovery preparedness and continuity of operations (COOP) initiatives. Hybrid fiber coaxial network quickly deployed in our expansive footprint and high-capacity, fiber-rich IP network provides the true path diversity and redundancy from other service providers (ILECs/CLECs).

Central Station Monitoring and Annual Inspection (Fire Alarm)

UL listed monitoring service for your Fire Sprinkler Monitoring system ensures around the clock protection for your building and its occupants.

Managed Video Systems (CCTV)

Managed Video systems can be stand alone, or fully integrated with your Access Control and Building Security systems. They can be managed entirely from a web browser or via a traditional on-site network. Both types can provide full system access from any secure PC or Mobile Device. Telenet VoIP specializes in Managed Video system not requiring Licensing fees or annual software maintenance fees. voicemail.

Access Control and Building Security Systems (Alarm)

Managing access to your building can be as simple as a security system, or as complex as facial recognition and integration with your payroll or billing systems. Telenet VoIP can deliver a system that meets the needs of your business today and in the future.

Broadband network services:

Fiber (10M-100M) & DSL-Cable-Wireless

Structured Cabling

Certified Structured cabling and system installation starting at $99/work station. 25 year Warranty on selected cabling solutions.

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Executive-class business phone systems:

Cloud or Premise-based. Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling (US) starting at $18.95 per user.

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VoIP Phone Solution For Real Estate Agencies

An essential facet of real estate is responding to new prospects as quickly as possible. It’s vital for real estate agents to make a great first impression because, in today’s housing market, it’s not enough to be the most qualified, you have to be the most responsive and available. With our phone solution, agents are available from anywhere, on any device and can promise that their clients are a priority and not just another buyer.

Implementing a VoIP phone solution for your agency puts your clients in the driver seat and makes them feel more at ease during the overwhelming process of buying a home.

Why your clients will trust your agency more with a VoIP solution:

Clients Have More Access to Agents out Showing Houses

Clients are given the agent’s work phone number, and even if the agent is out showing houses, the call routes directly to their cell phone. If the agent can’t pick up, the caller can leave a voicemail and the agent can access their mailbox directly from the UniVoIP App or check their email for the transcribed version of the voicemail. This ensures quicker response times and happier clients.

Prospects Receive Immediate Attention

Prospects that call the agency’s main line are met with a multi-lingual auto attendant that efficiently forwards the caller to the appropriate department/agent that can immediately address the caller’s needs. Not only does the caller receive the attention they deserve, but this frees up your agency’s receptionist to work on more administrative duties.

Tech Savvy Agency’s Make Happy Clients

Clients like information and they like it fast. The buying process can be a very trying time for many, and it’s your agency’s responsibility to put them at ease. With features like conference calling that allows for easy 3-way communication between agent, loan officer and client or an advanced, interactive appointment reminder system, clients are always in the loop. When your client realizes how savvy your agents are, it will give the competitive edge your agency needs in a market with over a million realtors in the US.