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UniVoIP Phones

Leverage a VoIP phone system to communicate like a modern business.

Polycom VVX Business Media Phones

Providing a unified voice and video communication experience

Polycom VVX 600

A premium business media phone delivering best-in-class desktop productivity for corporate executives and managers.

Polycom VVX 500

An easy-to-use, performance business media phone that’s designed for today’s busy managers and knowledge workers.

Polycom VVX 400

A color mid-range business media phone for enhanced call handling.

Polycom VVX 300

A powerful entry-level Business Media phone for today’s cubicle workers.

MiVoice 6900 IP Phone Series

Mobile Integration and wireless headset “EHS” compatible

Mitel 6970

MiVoice 6970

The 6970 IP Conference Phone designed to make meetings easier and more efficient.

MiVoice 6940

Executive power users will rejoice as the power of touch is combined with flagship functionality in the MiVoice 6940 IP Phone

MiVoice 6930

The MiVoice 6930 IP Phone is a powerful, customizable IP phone designed for the power user.

MiVoice 6920

The MiVoice 6920 IP Phone is designed for the enterprise user, that requires flexibility and reliability.
Mitel 6910

MiVoice 6910

For users that need a modern and reliable desktop phone for standard communications.
Motel 6905

MiVoice 6905

The preferred phone for those who want basic communications functions packaged in a compact enterprise device.

Cordless Business IP Phone

Cordless VoIP phone

DECT TECH VoIP Cordless Base station with 1 handset

A SIP Cordless Phone designed for small business and SoHo who are looking for immediate cost saving but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system