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SD-WAN: Operationally Agile, Cost-Effective Network Management

UniVoIP SD-WAN – delivered via CATO Networks’ native SASE platform – gives customers flexibility and scalability that isn’t possible with MPLS.

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How SD-WAN Supports Business Growth Goals

SD-WAN is flexible, reliable, and scalable – and equips enterprises to support a globally dispersed workforce. Growth-minded organizations will see five key benefits with SD-WAN.

Enhanced WAN Performance

SD-WAN enables policy-based routing which allows enterprises to leverage the best transport method for the job – improving performance for both mobile users and cloud services.

Reduced WAN Costs

UniVoIP SD-WAN users can expect a savings of at least 25% of MPLS. You’ll also save time – provisioning an MPLS link can take weeks or months, while a comparable SD-WAN deployment can be completed in days.

Improved WAN Agility

SD-WAN allows enterprises to meet the varying demands of cloud workloads and scale up or down with ease. It also enables rapid bandwidth provisioning at existing sites.

Simplified WAN Management

The larger an enterprise scales, the more complex WAN management becomes. Cloud-based SD-WAN adds value by providing an integrated and centralized view of the network that can be easily managed at scale.

SD-WAN Features That Optimize Your Network

SD-WAN’s robust features make it well suited for most modern use cases.

An SLA-backed private backbone supported by Tier-1 ISPs across the globe
Points of Presence enable traffic to be reliably routed at high speeds
Use of different transport mechanisms like LTE, MPLS, and broadband internet
Centralized management and orchestration
Load balancing for traffic across multiple pipes

Optimized WAN Management With CATO Networks

UniVoIP customers are now able to replace expensive and capacity-constrained MPLS with secure, flexible, cost-effective SD-WAN – delivered via CATO Networks’ native SASE platform.


Industry-high customer
retention rate of > 99%

Auto provisioning and a
partner-centric service control portal

Guaranteed SLA
to the desktop

White glove customer experience
by a team of expert engineers

U.S.-based support

Lowest prices
in the industry

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