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Empower Employees with Powerful Multimedia Interaction Tools

Productivity. Collaboration. Mobility.

MiCollab™ is a collaborative multimedia interaction tool that provides employees with everything they need to connect, collaborate and communicate across blended environments and on their favorite devices, such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

MiCollab empowers employees to boost the sharing of knowledge and ideas across business silos, extend the power of teamwork beyond the walls of an office space, and reduce project completion time with more efficient collaboration.

Communications from Anywhere

MiCollab’s mobile first design offers employees a consistent in-office experience on any device, whether at home, in the office or on-the-go.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Leverage a single application that handles video, voice, messaging, presence and audio conferencing for more efficient collaboration between colleagues.

Maximized Employee Productivity

Employees spend more time engaged in productive communications that get projects done and less time trying to connect.

MiTeam Collaboration Software

Extend the Power of MiCollab with MiTeam. Because better teamwork means success we deliver a seamless and open environment for teams to communicate, collaborate and perform from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

MiTeam also provides you with the following advantages:

  • Deliver real-time team management
  • Provide seamless synchronization of Streams
  • Organize and mobilize remote and on-site teams
Geofencing changes your availability status for you based on your location.

Geofencing: Your New GPS

Powered by MiCollab, Geofencing manages your availability and call routing preferences based on your location.

Managing your availability on-the-go

Geofencing is a powerful location-based service born in MiCollab, a unified communication and collaboration application for UniVoIP OfficeConnect Enterprise™ Edition Users.

Using activated location services on your mobile device, geofencing automatically changes your availability status and call routing preferences within the MiCollab application, when your mobile device enters or exits a predetermined virtual boundary.

The Benefits:

  • Route calls to your preferred device without pressing a button
  • Routinely keep colleagues aware of your presence status
  • Never miss an important call despite your location
  • Route calls directly to your voicemail when you do not want to be disturbed

Save Time

Each week, employees who use their own devices for work, such as smartphones, save 81 minutes. That’s almost an hour and a half.

MiCollab allows your teams to integrate their devices further into the workplace by providing a secure and convenient platform for collaboration with colleagues on location or at remote sites. Teams can share documents, presentations and more through MiCollab’s interactive design.

Empower Employees

Our multimedia interaction tools allow your staff to leverage their devices throughout their day. MiCollab serves as a reliable resource for seamless business communications across smartphones, tablets and computers and supports employees’ preferences to use three or more devices each day for work.

Real-time presence states also allow users to update their availability and preferred communication method.

Promote Mobility

Around-the-clock communication is essential in the business world. MiCollab streamlines communication so teams can collaborate, communicate and contact one another whenever and wherever. Providing a multimedia channel and interaction management tool gives your employees the resources to avoid project delays and boost their communication efficiency.

Our mobile features also prevent potential confusion by using each employee’s device as an extension of their business phone. That means each user has a single number and voicemail that is seamless and convenient to manage.

Sync Interactions

MiCollab ensures communication is streamlined among team members by synchronizing interactions across devices. Employees can switch from their phones to desktops without missing vital messages, documents and other valuable information.

And by mirroring conversations across devices, our multimedia interaction management tool optimizes productivity by allowing team members to resume work at their preferred device faster.

Protect Data

Transmitting data across unsecure channels poses a substantial risk to your organization. MiCollab provides a secure method for sending and receiving sensitive information through a convenient interface that meets your security goals and employees’ desire for an easy-to-use multimedia interaction tool.

Revise Collaboration With MiCollab

At UniVoIP, we are a Unified Communication as a Service (CaaS) provider that delivers innovative multimedia channel interaction management tools, like MiCollab. We’ve delivered results for numerous clients in various industries, such as education, healthcare and nonprofit through our innovative technology.

Find out more about how the award-winning OfficeConnect™ and its all-in-one application, MiCollab, can benefit your organization by contacting us to schedule an onsite or online demo today.