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MiTeam Collaboration Software

Chat, Share and Meet from Anywhere

Extend the power of MiCollab with MiTeam Collaboration Software, a work-stream, unified communications and collaboration tool that enables around-the-clock connectivity between colleagues through virtual rooms. Offering a seamless and open environment makes it easy for your business teams to work together and get projects done faster.

Mobile First

MiTeam flips the traditional office phone paradigm with an architecture that is mobile first, cloud enabled and millennial focused. Growing businesses now have an unified communication solution that gives them the rich feature set of a global enterprise without compromising budget or agility. Completely platform agnostic and fully integrated with UniVoIP OfficeConnect™ MiCollab, business owners and IT managers can provide employees with a complete solution that moves with them, like their mobile phone, as it delivers the same experience as it would at their desk. Don’t lose functionality while on the go.

Designed For A Mobile Workforce

MiTeam is a game changing business communication solution born in the cloud, designed for today’s mobile workforce and built to deliver measurable business impact. It is a unified team communication and social collaboration platform, provides a unified persistent workspace that supports meeting, content sharing and project management for teams that have members both inside and outside the organization.

MiTeam Pages

Pages allow you to share files with team members in a cloud-based storage environment that is available whenever you need it. Create, assign and track activities with team members in the to-do module to stay focused on tasks that result in project success.

Approve and sign-off on critical documents to deliver a faster turnaround time.

MiTeam Streams

The streams menu keeps track of the various flows of activities taking place as it happens. Work isn’t a discrete activity that has a clear start and stopping point but is a stream of activities where people, including non-employees and/or guests, come in and out to contribute in real-time.

MiTeam Meet

Schedule or initiate a live collaboration meeting. Whiteboard new ideas, share content, or provide access to new team members and get them up to speed. MiTeam Meet is the natural extension of modern collaboration that closely aligns with how teams operate in today’s modern workplace.

Consolidate and Retrieve Data with Ease

Store data by project, subject or person including emails, IM, conversations, documents and more.

Connect Virtual Teams Around the Globe

Keep up to date on projects, assign tasks, create deadlines and track progress from a single application that can be accessed via any device

Reduce Company Email by up to 40%

Eliminate swollen inboxes between colleagues and improve team collaboration with real-time chats and conversation history.

Leverage the Capabilities of MiTeam

With MiTeam’s multiple features and services, you can use it to deliver improved productivity and communication for teams across different time zones and locations. This secure, cloud-based communication tool is designed to meet the habits of employees who use three or more devices for work.

It also meets the changing workplace, as demonstrated by the fact that 83 percent of surveyed employees have been a part of virtual teams.

Provide Unified Communications

Deliver a mobile and desktop tool for unified communications that meet the varied operating system preferences of employees. MiTeam is compatible with the following computer and smartphone operating systems:

  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows
  • Mac

Providing MiTeam to your employees ensures every team member with a smartphone, desktop or laptop can communicate with one another through the tool without issue or inconvenience. MiTeam’s compatibility also contributes to its overall goal of maximizing productivity and seamless communication.

Secure Documents and Communications

Share documents and messages, as well as hold conferences through secure channels with MiTeam. Sending information through MiTeam allows you to deliver documents via a secure, cloud-based communication tool that synchronizes across devices so team members always have access to vital project resources.

Convenient access to these conversations and documents saves valuable time when completing projects on tight deadlines.

Choose a Secure, Cloud-Based Communication Tool

At UniVoIP, we provide numerous industries — financial, education, real estate and more — with Unified Communication as a Service (CaaS) solutions. Implementing a CaaS solution, like OfficeConnect™ and its MiTeam tool, allows you to connect employees with one another 24 hours a day, seven days a week across the globe.

Choose our secure, cloud-based communication tool and CaaS solutions to maximize productivity and collaboration in your workplace and among employees by contacting us today.