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Leverage Business Intelligence and Boost Customer Experience with WebConnect™

Immediate Access to Caller Data Ensures Intelligent Interactions

UniVoIP WebConnect™ integrates with CRM, ERP and Social Media platforms to empower conversation intelligence using programmable smart technology. WebConnect is supported by The UniVoIP App (our unified communications application for all devices).

Triggered by inbound or outbound calls, WebConnect scans designated online sources for relevant information based on the caller’s details, and gives the user immediate access to profile data on the caller with automatic web-based screen pop-ups.

WebConnect can launch preferred URL’s such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Timelybill, Freshdesk, Zendesk and more. View other intelligent VoIP features including The UniVoIP App.

Customize UniVoIP WebConnect to launch URL of choice.
Then select if the URL should launch on an inbound call, outbound call or both.
If inbound call is selected, select "Name", "Number" or "Both" under Search Type.

A Phone Solution to Boost Customer Experience

Our integrated workforce communication tool, WebConnect™, delivers several benefits to your company and team, including:

  • User-friendly, instant set up and customization.
  • On-demand inbound and outbound caller information and interaction history.
  • Optimize response time and case resolution.
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction ratings.
  • Drastically reduce complaint escalation rate

With these advantages, your team can enhance the experience of your customers or potential clients, which is now a C-level priority among organizations.

Respond to Consumer Changes

WebConnect™ provides an answer to the changes in consumers and their behavior. More than one-quarter of the world’s population, for example, owns active social media accounts, which can provide valuable information to your agents as they assist clients.

Contact centers can use this information to:

  • Personalize conversations
  • Understand caller or prospect’s needs
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Higher satisfaction benefits your organization, as 72 percent of consumers share positive customer service experiences with six or more individuals, which serves as word of mouth promotion for your company.

Review Key Information

Our integrated call center software, as well as for contact centers, doesn’t just provide valuable social media information — it also provides other crucial data, including:

  • Communication history
  • Company name
  • Full name
  • Lead source

This information also ensures every agent receives the most up-to-date information on a customer or potential, which optimizes the routing of calls throughout your contact center and eliminates the need for designated agents to assist select clients.

To improve efficiency, users can set up their WebConnect™ software to deliver four customized URLs, like Salesforce and Facebook, to launch on every inbound or outbound call. These personalized selections allow your team to select the most relevant URLs for your type of consumer and their needs.

Rely on the UniVoIP Service Level Agreement

Ensuring your contact centers can use the features of WebConnect™ — even during unexpected outages — is essential. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivers a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. Each calendar month, we guarantee your team will have service 99.99 percent of the time so you can connect and communicate with clients through our innovative services, like our integrated self-service tools.

Enhance Your Service With Integrated Workforce Communication Tools

As a Unified Communication as a Service (CaaS) solutions provider, our goal at UniVoIP is to deliver the software, solutions and tools you need to provide an enhanced, streamlined customer service experience, in addition to unifying your staff across locations. WebConnect™ acts as an integrated workforce communication tool that promotes a smarter approach to customer service by offering valuable information about callers to your agents.

Find out how WebConnect™ can enhance your services by contacting our experienced communication specialists today for more information.