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I really appreciate the reliable communications, full-service approach, easy installation, great support, fast response and the fact that UniVoIP really seemed to understand our challenges …

Sergey Semendyayev | Sys Admin

About Closet Factory

You want your home to be both pretty and neat. Closet Factory can help you with that. Your storage problem is unique. And no closet company is better fit to help you organize your life than Closet Factory. Where every closet system is custom. Made to order. Your order. Closet Factory has become the authority in customized storage solutions.

Customer Support Challenges Solved

With 62 territories in the United States, Closet Factory offers you the ability to always talk to a real live customer care specialist who is close-by. Connecting company and the customer care specialists was a challenge on previous phone system by Panasonic.

With UniVoIP’s cloud-based phone solution, geopgraphically disperesed teams can all connect

UniVoIP OfficeConnect™ bridge all of your employees to each other and to your clients, no matter where they are. Main office, home offices, satellite offices, mobile workers and even international offices can all be accessible through a single phone number.

OfficeConnect is as reliable, easy to use and robust as traditional business phone system – but offers many more features at a lower cost and with less headaches! When you need to add, move, or remove a phone or an employee from your phone system – or when it’s time to update your auto-attendant recording or add a new feature – you do not need to pay for a technician to visit.

Why UniVoIP?

“I really appreciate the reliable communications and full-service approach offered, easy installation, great support, fast response and the fact that UniVoIP really seemed to understand our challenges and adressed them accordingly. ” said Sergey Semendyayev, Closet Factory System Administrator “On top of that we also saved significantly on our monthly telecommunications bill and there are no hidden fees – we even get free replacement of broken phones and cables whenever needed”

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