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UniBridge Conferencing: Cutting-Edge Virtual Security
Man working from home waves at his laptop camera
UniBridge brought to you by UniVoIP provides secure and private audio and video conferencing. In your online meeting room, you have a participation list……This lets you know exactly who is on the call. In that same list, you can choose who can share and present files As well you can remove and block any participant using the block feature. In your room settings, you can also lock any meeting after it has started meaning no unwanted participants during any conference. When scheduling a meeting, you can add an extra layer of security with a one-time access code and or security pin.
UniBridge Virtual Collaboration Solution
Working from home is on the rise
Live Streaming Video, Audio & Video Recording, Automatic Transcription, Screen and File Sharing, and more! Encourage collaboration and make all parties feel at home with high definition audio, video and web conferencing , screen and file sharing capabilities, meeting logs, timestamps, summaries, no software download required, and custom branding.
Enterprise Solutions
Welcome to the evolution of enterprise communications and the fast moving migration towards the cloud. As a nationwide leader in enterprise grade cloud-based communications, UniVoIP is an award winning, reliable and secure solution for medium to large businesses.
Multimedia Contact Center
UniVoIP’s 100% scalable multimedia contact center makes it possible for companies to efficiently provide service to customers on their media channel of choice while maintaining service levels across all media types. With advanced productivity tools, agents and supervisors monitor and manage with real-time, historical and lifecycle reporting so that companies can deliver a five-star customer service experience.
Collaborate with MiCollab
Among OfficeConnect’s robust feature set is MiCollab, a mobile optimized collaboration suite that offers users a consistent and mirrored business communications experience across any device. Designed to supercharge team interactions and break down the barriers of a traditional workforce environment, MiCollab allows employees to stay productive and collaborating from anywhere.
Advanced Teamwork with MiTeam
MiTeam is a mobile first on demand collaboration tool that brings employees, partners, clients, suppliers and other critical workstream team members together for greater success.
CRM Integration with WebConnect™
UniVoIP WebConnect is a smart feature of The UniVoIP App that automatically pulls up a window with information on the caller based on the inbound Caller ID phone number or the outbound phone number dialed. Program UniVoIP WebConnect to automatically launch a URL of choice, such as your CRM platform, and gain immediate access of relevant information regarding the caller so that every interaction is productive.
Mobile engagement with UniVoIP App™
Enhance your business communications experience with advanced mobile or desktop connectivity. When you’re on the move, take UniVoIP App’s cutting-edge capabilities with you on your smartphone, laptop or tablet and stay connected at all times as if you’re sitting in the office. Your colleagues are never more than two simple clicks away.
MiVoice 6900 and MobileLink
The powerful, mobile first, 6900 MiVoice IP Desk Phone Series offers a plethora of new features for the enterprise executive including MobileLink, a seamless pairing of your IP desk phone and your smartphone.
Geofencing is a powerful location-based service born in MiCollab, a cloud collaboration application for UniVoIP OfficeConnect Enterprise Edition Users. This game changing technology automatically adjusts your availability status and call routing preferences when your mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.