Tips for Making a Business Mobile

With so much of today’s business being conducted on mobile devices via cloud-based servers, companies have more opportunities than ever before to reach broad markets, both domestic and international, with minimal startup costs and low overhead. Thanks to cloud-enabled mobile workforce solutions, a company can hire workers both locally and across hundreds of miles. This technology has leveled the playing field between new and established companies, allowing the former to surpass the latter in many cases.

Of course, companies new and old stand to gain from mobile cloud-based solutions. For a business to adapt to the modern marketplace, it is essential to utilize multimedia customer interaction solutions. This way, customers can more easily interact with a business and become loyal in the process. Most importantly, businesses need organized management solutions to ensure each employee fulfills their role and that teams can stay connected at all times.

Ingredients for a Mobile Business Workforce

Cloud-based workforce management solutions are the wave of the future. With recent advances in mobile technology, most workers are ready for the revolution. According to the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, the average worker uses three devices on a daily basis for work-related activities. Furthermore, 61% of workers complete at least some work-related projects outside the office. For any company that is looking to make the transition, the following three ingredients are necessary for enterprise mobility

Power Mobile Devices

MiCollab is a mobile cloud-based collaboration solution that works for businesses of all kinds, both large and small. The solution allows companies to maintain a team of workers across vast distances, yet keep everyone interconnected by the minute. The solution also makes it easy for colleagues to stay connected and share information across various devices. At the same time, MiCollab makes it simpler for management to keep things organized and maintain a productive workforce with these features:

  • Send a colleague a message via chat: When colleagues collaborate on business projects from different locations, it is crucial for each party involved to communicate with one another. With MiCollab and Wi-Fi, messages can be sent from one party to another, be it one-on-one or to multiple people — and it can be done from any location.
  • Send files to colleagues on any device: As projects are coordinated between parties in different buildings, cities and continents, a file completed on one end can be sent to colleagues in far places instantly with MiCollab. For example, if a team of six are each working on separate portions of a collective report, each section can be sent from the assigned individual to his or her colleagues from anywhere, and vice versa.
  • Initiate a call through voice or video: Mobile cloud-based communication solutions like MiCollab allow colleagues to interact with voice or video from any location via smartphones, pads, laptops and PCs. With so many companies now hiring teams of telecommuters across vast distances, the only type of “meeting” that colleagues often have is via voice or video chat. MiCollab streamlines this process between all parties involved in a mobile workforce.
  • Start a scheduled or impromptu conference call: Thanks to the latest innovations in mobile software, a cloud-based mobile workforce can maintain all the structure and order of a traditional, in-office team. When management needs to call everyone together for a company meeting, it can easily be coordinated between all company personnel with MiCollab. Best of all, not one needs to have fancy, elaborate computer equipment to take part, as the solution works on simple, everyday handheld devices.

Create a Collaborative Mobile Workspace for Teams

MiTeam is an extension of MiCollab that facilitates mobile collaboration and workstream communications. With MiTeam, all of the various solutions necessary for workstream management are combined into one place. When a managerial department needs to delegate tasks, implement action items and distribute documents, MiTeam is the most effective cloud-based workforce management solution on the market today:

  • Set up team streams: In most companies, the completion of projects involves a progressive stream of tasks — a workstream — which could entail everything from engineering and drafting to procurement, maintenance and shipping. With MiTeam, everything relevant to a team can easily be synchronized so that everyone is in the loop during each stop along the stream. This way, responsibilities can more easily pass from team A to team B and so forth, even with colleagues spread across vast distances.
  • Real-time team management: Mobile cloud-based collaboration solutions keep colleagues coordinated and productive across great distances, but just as importantly, solutions like MiTeam allow management departments to do their job and keep everyone on the same page. When a project is in progress, management can check in to see how things are going and offer input along the way. When a document needs signatures from the top down, MiTeam makes it possible from any device.
  • Organize and mobilize teams: A cloud-based workforce management solution like MiTeam makes it easier to organize and mobilize a team of telecommuters from any location. Regardless of how geographically spread apart a company’s workforce might be, the solution allows management based in one location — be it a New York office building or a West Coast beach house — to assign projects and initiate meetings to entire groups of colleagues spread across the globe.
  • Employee presence on any device: MiCollab, which features MiTeam, is optimized for mobile technology. As such, the solution can be utilized by anyone with a simple handheld communications device — which pretty much accounts for the vast majority of today’s workers in the U.S. and abroad. The cloud-based mobile workforce solution provides a unified work experience between PC and Mac users alike, as well as for anyone who accesses the solution from a coffee shop via smartphone or tablet.

Multimedia Contact Center to Provide Elite Customer Service

  • Customers go mobile: Today, 64% of smartphone users shop online. Additionally, customers text friends and colleagues while visiting shops on foot. With eight trillion text messages exchanged globally each day, the word-of-mouth exposure for businesses is infinite. With the right multimedia customer interaction tool, customers can connect with businesses through a variety of avenues, such as by chat, SMS or shopping apps.
  • Agents stay productive: Multimedia customer interaction management solutions make it easier for retail companies to manage themselves across all branches, from headquarters to storefronts. With an effective mobile workforce solution, a main branch can more easily monitor service agents and track progress at each location nationally and abroad. This way, companies can see which agents and locations are performing up to par.

Benefits of Mobile Workforce

Mobile cloud-based workforce solutions make it easier on so many levels for companies to run a business and reap productivity rewards from a team of happy employees. Here’s how:

Lowers Costs

Mobile cloud communication is one of the most ideal money-saving solutions for businesses in the modern day. With a cloud-based workforce management solution, you can trim overhead costs and save money that would otherwise be consumed on the monthly rental of a large office space. With the majority of your workforce situated near and far, you don’t need to have cubicles, furnishings, computers, stationery equipment and the various other trappings of a conventional office.

According to a study on mobile worker benefits conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), American workers would accept a decrease in pay for the opportunity to work from home. Basically, the mobile option is a win-win deal for workers and employers alike — employees get to enjoy greater convenience and comfort in their working situation while employers are able to cut overhead costs and maximize profits as a result.

With mobile integrated cloud communications, any company can transition to a mobile workforce. With the right solution, colleagues can collaborate on projects anytime, day or night, from any location.

High Security

Cloud technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years. Mobile technology has also come a long way since the late 2000s. Combined, the two make for the safest of options when it comes to digital workforce solutions and collaborative communication. Any company can make a seamless transition from office space to cloud space with little investment.

From virtually any location around the globe with Wi-Fi access, a CEO can delegate tasks to different departments with a cloud-based workforce management solution. With cloud data encryption, all files and communications made between workers and management are maintained around the clock. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, data can be erased remotely. As such, even incidents of internal human error can be rectified with no loss or breach of security.

Cloud-based mobile workforce solutions are also safer in many ways because there’s less hard media involved. With less paper and machinery and with all documents digitized and stored in the cloud, there’s less possibility of vital info and equipment being lost in fires. Cloud solutions are also safer and more secure than physical hard drives and traditional online servers because cloud servers never die. There’s also virtually no possibility of hacking and system breaches.

Better Work Environment

With mobile integrated cloud communications, companies benefit from a happier workforce. When employees have the option to work from home, they tend to be better rested, more energetic and overall happier to work for the company. Cloud-based solutions allow workers to simply log in from their PCs and mobile devices without getting dressed or heading outside. Work can even be done without getting out of bed since any given number of tasks can be done on a laptop or tablet.

The option to work at home gives employees the chance to develop an ideal work-life balance. This can be especially important for young parents and people who might otherwise be burdened by lengthy commutes. Employees also have more of each day to themselves with this option since hours are not consumed commuting to and from work.

For companies, a happy workforce means a more energized workforce. People are generally grateful for work opportunities such as these. As such, a person is less likely to leave a company that allows its employees to work from home. This translates to a more reliable workforce with less turnover and new-employee training.

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

One of the most pleasant surprises of the mobile revolution is the increased productivity generated from workers. When a person can work from anywhere at any time, day or night, they are likely to be more productive and get jobs done faster and more efficiently. According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, mobile workers are 13.5% more productive than their office-bound counterparts.

Mobile cloud-based collaboration solutions also make it easier for employees to complete tasks in a timely manner. When colleagues work together in the same space, there’s often a feeling that time is unlimited, and people are more likely to get distracted. When colleagues work by themselves, each person has to be more mindful of their own deadlines and communication with coworkers.

With mobile cloud-based communication solutions, employees are likelier to stay on topic because the distractions of in-person communication are removed from the picture. When conversations are conducted via chat, video or phone calls, participants are less likely to lose focus or engage in idle chit-chat. As such, mobile communications make it easier for colleagues to get down to business.

The Mobile Workforce: The Future of the Office

Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly interconnected around the globe. According to recent numbers compiled by the International Data Corporation, Asia has roughly 870 million mobile workers, while America has 200 million. Additionally, roughly 245 million mobile workers are spread across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Thanks to cloud-based mobile workforce solutions, a company can hire people in multiple countries to work from their computers. If you can’t find suitable people for your team via local adds, you can now find them over the Internet and have them work remotely. As the world’s population becomes more mobile savvy, vast swaths of the international business sector will consist of employment bodies that span several continents.

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